Thirty-nine year old charged in Trois Piton homicide

Thirty-nine year old Trois Piton resident, Wayne Janvier, has been charged with murder in connection with the stabbing death of Leonard Felicien.

The fifty-nine year old  Felician died  some time after noon on April 22 at Trois Pitons, Castries.

According to law enforcement the officials, Felicien was stabbed during an argument with another man.

Wayne Janvier is expected to make his first appearance in court tomorrow.


  1. We need a lot of prayers so, God can and will enter the hearts of man. Let us pray for both families the deceased family and the other person.

  2. These people kill like there no tomorrow,and these killing can be avoided. When they sit in jail they regret .Think before u act . (Words deleted)

  3. I am not political but from june the UWP administration came too power crime has escalate like never before

  4. I hope this boy pay for his crime which ever seems fit!.. My uncle did nothing. hope u die!! Yea I said it! (Words deleted)

  5. Too much drinking. Young men throwing their lives away and leaving young children fatherless and mothers to face the challenges of raising children alone.

  6. Too much drinking. Young men throwing their lives away and leaving young children fatherless and mothers to face the challenges of raising children alone.

    • Perhaps the would be mother’s should wait before getting to be mothers. It takes two to conceive a baby!

  7. Everything is politics since UWP get in power crime has escalate, but under who was in power whiles it start to escalate we can keep going there with SLP and UWP.Because if Kenny leather face Anthony had nip crime in the bud it would have not escalate in such a way.But what is new with SLP other than facing reality.Thats the same party responsible for the GRINEBERG AFFAIR, RASHAMEL AFFAIR,IMPACTS,FRENWELL,LAMBIRDS,ORC operation and JUFALI I can go on,so i am not surprise because the are the most corrupt politicions in the carribbean.But everything will come out and i deem Allan Chastanet to break some eggs and bring these criminals to justice.Everytime labour leave office or thwy in power is crime on the rampage.Labour party is a disgraceful party all of the carribbean is the same thing labour means slavery a good for nothing party.all of them need prison.But the matter is in the hands of the courts time,and time.Keep blaming UWP.

    • The problem is that you fools vote according to party. Your grandmother or grandfather voted uwp or labor and you fool follow suite. It’s so idiotic and pathetic. You are to vote according to what the candidate is offering, not according to party lines. Wake up. Theses people were put in power by you, the people, ultimately the powers rests with you, the people.

  8. Feel so sad about this situation but I really thought the alleged suspect had changed his ways. Has been a trouble maker for years.

  9. The past is made up by both parties previous. Now we start to see common sense at last. Chasnet sees things logically and opposition are there now to beat their mouth only. Too much backwards thinking by all previous pms!

  10. Let’s stop voting and await the coming of Christ. Stop putting our lives in the hands of men like ourselves and wait for Jehovah’s kingdom to come. We can talk and blame uwp or slp both are the same. An end to this early government will come.

  11. No Government can Solve the problem..if we were Studing the word of God in the Bible.then we would see all what is happening no is in the Bible.we can blame this one and that one usless.It is written. God is not a God that He should. Lie and he is no Respect of person s.Ok.Trust God.not man

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