“This Parent Could Have Walked In With A Knife, With A Gun!”

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Vieux Fort police are investigating a report of an attack by a parent on a member of staff of the Augier Combined school on Thursday afternoon.

School Principal Kajana James condemned the attack in an interview with HTS Evening News.

“This parent could have walked in with a knife – with a gun. Everybody would have been at risk,” James asserted.

Kajana James

According to reports, the school’s Physical Education teacher Lester Justin admonished a student involved in a tussle with another student.

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The student Justin corrected, left, and returned with his parent through the back gate.

The Physical Education teacher told HTS that the parent was cursing and carrying on in the presence of students.

Lester Justin

The teacher disclosed that although he spoke to the man about his behaviour the man slapped him on the hand and challenged him to a fight, declaring that he had nothing to lose.

He told HTS Evening News that the parent also threatened to stab him.

But Justin expressed that he would not engage the irate man, because he wanted to prevent the situation from escalating for his safety and that of students at the learning institution.

“I was traumatised,” the teacher recalled as he questioned the example such a parent sets for a child. 

“The child leaves the school compound, comes home, complains about a situation that you are not even sure what happened and you come to the school compound getting on like that,” he expressed.

School Principal Kajana James revealed that it was not the institution’s first experience with that parent.

“This is the fourth time I have had to call the police for this individual. The police have warned him before,” the Principal recounted.

In addition, she said the school compound is compromised.

The Principal noted that the fencing had been down, although the learning institution has advocated for repairs.

All images courtesy HTS Evening News

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  1. A good tree produit good fruits ;
    and I’ve seen Wolf in sheep clothing.
    Which I’ve heard,a (so called)christian
    ‘said,if getting involve in a fight, will put God on a side for a while.
    Weather we do good or bad,it must follow us,and our children’s children will be the ones paying the consequence.
    A bad behavior (character) , with poor understanding and do not know how to deal with such suitation which is a faillure of bad examples,leads in miseries and end in shame.

  2. It is too easy to access the school compound here.
    I have managed to walk through a gate, through the school compound, up the stairs and entered a classroom completely unchallenged… in fact I was looking for someone to direct me but I ended up wandering around until I found where I needed to be.
    This island will not learn until there is a Dunblane type massacre or an incident where somebody enters the school with a cutlass and starts chopping children… it was only then that the UK tightened school security.
    It doesn’t need to be done with an armed guard, gate locks and magnet door locks with cameras and intercoms to the receptionists office will do.
    No appointment no entry!

  3. Simply stated the parent is an idiot who is in dire need of education. You resort to violence in the face of correction …clearly a dysfunctional home without normal reasoning. Keep your kid at home so he can be an idiot just like you and put a fence around your house so you don’t mix with those who seek to be educated…MORON

  4. Spoken Truth, because your leader is a professional liar, you have to copy him and become a liar too. I feel sorry for you

  5. Our school system is so broken the comment space will practically filled up. Just imagine if we had the 1st amendment right silimar like the USA just phantom what would have been the outcome. Also to a degree of tolerance the school have it’s fare share of allowing such to recurring after so many previous mishap. Our so called legal council within the school is just failing us. One insight about a leader I happen to study in my latter school year. LFS Burnham and the NOC if we had such system within our learning system trust me we would be stopping crime from the grass root.

  6. In singapore, mate will be jailed for such a long time. Probably executed too.
    I believe in strong hand even for minimal crimes like littering.
    We want to live whiteman evil life stlyes.

  7. Our laws must be enforced. This guy has broken the law and should be arrested. Failure to enforce our laws will only encourage criminality.

  8. If the Minister hadn’t walked into the church mid service brandishing a handgun, screaming at the top of his lungs along with his wife, only to threaten another minister.. No charges nothing said up to today…. Well guess everyone think they can if minister escape so can I.

    SLP set the example lay down the laws.

  9. Well, well well, Terry Emmanuel sister said Terry was a saint. now had this parent been killed at the school would his sister say the same thing? Another criminal again.

  10. smh you are the same kind of parents that raise upcoming criminals and then you the family members will want to come and cry for justice when the police kill them . as a parent what example are you setting for your child like this? teachers already have to go through so much with kids with the little salary they getting and you just came in and disrespected the guy like this not even asking what really transpired. you could have taken a better approach than this i find some of you people that “make children” ( i wont call yall parents) are to ignorant people like you must mess with the wrong teacher and i hope is not on a school compound they give you what you deserve.

    and minister for education or who ever that has to see into this get off your high horse in your nice air conditioned office and stop giving false promises and see to it that this school fence is secured. we concerned about vaccinated carnival but there are more serious and more pressing issues that needs to be addressed like the security of schools on the island

    • Clear example of what is wrong with society. I have been called “most ignorant” by parents in trying to enforce rules and order at my school. Thank god I have an intimidating presence as I’m sure by now some parent would’ve tried to attack me otherwise. And anyone who starts threatening I make it clear to them my cutlass is just as sharp as theirs in the most calm voice I can muster. Parents are usually the root cause of criminality.

    • I think that all schools should be gated, if they are not, and an armed office should be stationed at the gate. I applaud the teacher for staying civil, while this toxic and bombastic fungus among us acted like the jacka$$ he is. I grew up among some youths who had a father with the same disposition, and only one of his children made it to old age.

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