Thomas And Charlery Promoted By The Public Service Commission

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The executive of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, would like to take the opportunity to congratulate Mr. Elvis Thomas and Mr. Albert Charlery on their recent elevation in rank.
They were both promoted by the Public Service Commission on April 01, 2022.
Mr. Elvis Thomas was promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police. He has been a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force for the past nineteen (19) years, having enlisted on February 10, 2003.
Mr. Thomas has served in a number of areas to include, Criminal Investigations Department, Major Crime Unit, Marchand Police Station, Special Branch, Research and Development, Special Services Unit, Regional Security System, Staff Officer to the Commissioner, Officer in Charge of Northern Division and Gros Islet, as well as Officer in Charge of the Southern Division.
Mr. Albert Charlery was promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police. He has been a member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force for the past twenty-seven (27) years having enlisted on September 11, 1994.
Mr. Charlery has served in a number of areas to include, Beat and Patrol, Criminal Investigations Department, Crown Prosecution Unit, Drug Squad and Crime Management. He has also served at a number of stations throughout the country.
Currently, both Assistant Commissioner of Police, Elvis Thomas and Superintendent, Albert Charlery are attached to the Southern Division of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.
They have provided excellent service to the people of Saint Lucia in the past and there is every reason to believe that this will continue, as they work towards the realization of the goals of the organisation.
Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force
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  1. I thought it was 20 years service that is to be given. Why someone is in the police force for 27 years is still allowed to continue working there. He should have gone on retirement already. Why are these government workers not making room for the next generations. Why don’t they move on and with all that money they have been paid by the state over the years. Open their own business. My gawd! We have the youth with their sharp thinking and energy and talent going to waste and these old men just occupying space and getting money for lazy work. Stop holding on to gov’t jobs. All citizens should be given an opportunity to work with the gov’t. Too many holding on to gov’t jobs for years and getting rich on the state. That should not be tolerated.

    • I am very much surprised that you would make those comments. For starters, the age of retirement in the police force for most of the older ones is 55 years old. Now it has been increased to 65 for the younger ones since the state has used all the your NIC money to give to hotel developers and can no longer to have public servants retire at 55.

      My issue with that promotion though is that these men, especially Thomas are kids and do not possess the skill nor competence to lead in such positions, much less to take the force out of the hole it is now in. Some organizations call for senior, experienced and competent managers at the helm, not kids and the force just happens to be one of these organizations.

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