Thursday, November 14, 2019

Three Arrested For Armed Robbery, Illegal Gun And Ammunition

Three males are in police custody in connection with a report of an armed robbery  at Dennery, law enforcement officials say.

The robbery had been reported to the Richfond police station, according to the officials.

A vehicle in which the suspects were  travelling was intercepted in the Trois Pitons area and a firearm, ammunition and cash were recovered, it was reported.

A senior law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the incident occurred about 2.00 pm.


  1. Yawn! They will be out soon after paying their “courtesy “$5,000” bail. The cops are going to catch them again in another caper before the year is ended.

  2. Well I think is a waste of the officers time because the judges just give them a slap on their go At ant send them to commit an other crime..well thank God no one get killed.

  3. Correction….well I think it’s a waste of the officers time.cause the judges just give them a slap on their rist and send them and commit a next crime.thank God no one got killed.

  4. Monday Morning they will be out on Bail $5.000.00 or Suitable Surety and Report to Central police Station Twice a week and the Case will be adjourned for Next year.That Judicary shitstem in St.Lucia is the Worst in the world .That’s why Crime is on the Rise in St.Lucia
    The police work very Hard to get these Thugs but the Judicary Shitstem is in favour of the Criminals

  5. They will be Bailed for $5.000.00 .Surrender all.Travelling Documents and Report to Central Police Station Twice a week .Making the police look bad .St.Lucia Judicary Shitstem is the Worst in the world


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