Three charged for over $100,000 in fraudulent cheques

Three men have been charged in connection with the possession of  fraudulent cheques in the sum of over $EC 100,000, reliable sources have disclosed.

The men have been identified as Niam Charles of Vieux Fort, Lance Prospere of Morne du Don and Charles Alfred of Union.

They are reported to have been granted bail  when they made their first appearance in court on Monday.

According to information obtained by the Times, the men were arrested on May 4, 2017.



  1. Niam say ah mova voleur….the other guys knew nothing….. He run brokes club run down he stealing to raise his self….he tired of tricking the young girls n take their money God ain’t asleep.

    • Before you comment about somebody make sure your life on Par… you have enough time to comment, try finding a job so when yours locked up you can afford bail cuz its seems is you alone that go be paying it! #ZarfehMouneLucians

  2. I guess the police force is let’s start solving some murders that are there for over 5yrs..

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