Three Charged After Saint Lucia Police Seize Illegal Guns, Ammunition

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On Sunday, June 5, 2022, about 9:30 p.m. officers attached to Central Police Station
were conducting routine patrols within the Vigie area.

During that time, they had cause to stop a silver Nissan Almera motorcar, with three occupants.

The officers conducted a search of the individuals and motorcar, resulting in the recovery of the following illegal items:

-One (1) 9mm pistol
-Thirteen (13) rounds of ammunition
-One (1) ROHM RG3 pistol

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The offenders, identified as thirty-seven (37) year old Nyhiba Charles of Morne Du
Don, Castries, twenty-eight (28) year old Davian Jules of Bocage, Castries and twenty-seven (27) year old Keirlan Regis of Soufriere were arrested and charged on Tuesday 7 June, 2022, for Unlawful Possession of Firearm and Ammunition.

They were escorted to the First District Court for bail on Wednesday, June 8, 2022.

Source: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Officer takes part in police operation (File image)

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  1. They will get bail be back in the streets in a few days and shoot someone .
    Tired of this stupid system , stupid country and stupid people

  2. You know the system is joke when all what’s shared are names of the charged assailants. Where are their mug shots so that their haters, friends, mothers, fathers, employers, secret lovers to see them as criminals. Start showing faces of criminals online and see how social media can help deter crime. An easy solution I think….but too many liars and magistrates have to benefit so my request will never materialize.

  3. So how the gang leader from VFort was just drop from the station after getting 2 guns on his business establishment

  4. The Full Description of the Moror Vehicle and Motor Vehicle photo Should have been on Social Media .The Bail will always be $2.500.For the Weapon and $1.500 For the Ammunition .Cash or Suitable Surety .Surrender all Travelling Documents and Report to the Nearest Police Station between the Hours of 9am to 4pm .The Usual Shit .Thats why so many Illegal guns in the Hands of Thugs in St.Lucia .Most os these Judgesand Magestrates Supports the Criminals

  5. They will be out as soon as you can say, “bwapeh.” Pretty much great modeling for younger ones that are at risk.

    The cops are catching some of them, however, the system is not responding in kind. Where is the vaunted new and improved crime bill? The system can be compared to catching fishes in a small pond. Immediately releasing those fishes back into the pond. Then wondering why you can’t seem to empty the pond.

    • St lucia we love bum bum!!!! Aye ya-yaye!!!!
      St lucia have crime bang bang!!! Yo ja cheway-ou!! Ton- naire!!!!!

      St lucia we love mama!!!
      Des bun layba vollere!!!!!

  6. The bail granted is of modest sum so they can be free to Rome and crry out a hit to get money to pay a liar to defend them and the cycle continues over and over until they started to kill each other

  7. I have to admit that is great,what is the car’s registration number? Now I just want to know what their bail is.


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