Three Dead, Twelve Hospitalised After Vehicles Collide In Bexon

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Three people died and twelve were rushed to the OKEU Hospital after a collision involving two vehicles at Bexon on Friday.

The collision occurred near the Odsan junction.

Acting Fire Chief George Victorin told St Lucia Times that the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) received a distress call after 4:30 pm.

“When we got on the scene we found two vehicles were involved in a collision and there were quite a number of casualties,” Victorin stated.

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He said the vehicles involved were a minibus and a panel van.

The SLFS official said emergency responders transported twelve individuals to the OKEU Hospital.

Victorin also said there were three fatalities as a result of the collision between the two vehicles.

The Acting Fire Chief told St Lucia Times that a medical practitioner at the scene pronounced them dead.

Reports indicate that the deceased included a female infant.

Victorin explained that the SLFS summoned resources from several fire stations, including its Castries Headquarters to respond to the incident with ambulances and fire appliances.

In addition, he disclosed that emergency responders received good support from off-duty members of the SLFS.

“They found themselves on the scene which is usually the case whenever there is the need. There are always fire personnel who are very willing, even though off-duty, to make themselves available to help in whatever way they can,” Victorin told St Lucia Times.

And while admitting that the situation posed a challenge, he commended the fire service personnel and the police, asserting that both did a great job in managing the scene.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video

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  1. Man I luv your comment! I’d luv to see huge changes on that island for real. Highway patrol officer’s most definitely for they need to be giving out tickets heavily to stop this and long jail sentences for any casually pertaining to it. The speeding and wreck less driving is totally out of control. I sometimes send friends and coworkers down for vacation and first thing they tell me when they come back up to the states is they won’t go back again because the drive to the north of the island is long and wreckless and they don’t want to end up in an accident.
    They rather go to islands like Bahamas Antigua or Barbados where people are more calm laid back and respect the roads and each other and will let you go instead of this stupid selfish look out for myself to pass you and nobody else to cut me. To me st. Lucian driver’s like to show off just like a kid who just learned how to ride a bike. They always have to show someone how fast or good they can drive that’s the most idiotic thing. Who cares! that don’t impress me. Impress me by Building up your island to a first world nation without depending on Britain or some European or Asian country to fund your country when all these carribean islands should be working as a unit to fund each other’s agendas. Now That’s impressive.

  2. I leave in the area where the accident occurred and it is sad that we were not surprised that this would eventually happen. Persons always try to overtake before that corner. And for what reason? Just to get ahead one vehicle and risk the lives of passengers, drivers and pedestrians even home owners. People… this is also a residential area; there are persons who commute along the road side and let’s not forget that we have no sidewalk and a roadside full of grass which often entangle our feet and throw us down. Even the side of the road isn’t safe because selfish drivers even want to drive along the narrow footpath to overtake. We have witnessed many accidents and it is about time a ‘No Overtaking’ sign is erected because between where the accident occurred and the Deglos gap there are junctions which are ignored by drivers causing drivers to make irrational decisions. This foolish action resulted in a busdriver, a mother and her infant losing their lives, a long with emotionally and physically scarred passengers. I hope that these families get justice by the driver of the other van being charged. It breaks heart I wailed seeing how their lives were lost. I pray for the families of those who perished and also for the comfort of the 12 other passengers. Be more responsible people… The Bexon highway isn’t cursed; it’s the drivers who need to be more sensible and empathetic!!!

  3. Why is there such an obsession with overtaking in St Lucia? Drivers will risk their life and others to overtake anywhere even in a tunnel!

  4. It’s so sad…that persons drive like they do not value their lives and those of others. Being a resident of the area I have seen many close calls – it is ver scary! We have no sidewalks and a very grassy area to commute up and down the road and still drivers still show no respect for pedestrians. I pray after the loss of the three persons (May their souls rest in peace and I pray for their families comfort) that persons be more cautious and stop making reckless decisions when driving. This busdriver saved many persons lives because he tried to avoid the accident. Sighs! I am still lost for words. To the driver of the other goods vehicle he needs to be punished for his actions. Drivers DRIVE RESPONSIBLY!!!

  5. Very sad, may God give their families peace, bringing healing, and strength. Please put speed bumps on that highway, and also on John Compton High way oppositethe Traffic Department, and Chaussee Road where they bury the nuns, it is a race track.

    • Speed bumps are not the answer. Do we place them along the entire road system to avoid accidents? What happens between those speed bumps then – do we put additional speed bumps to limit speed within bumps? Just asking.

      I agree that there is need for speed bumps in school and hospital zones, but other than that, the highway should remain unimpeded. There will always be accidents – we cannot prevent them all. What the authorities can do however, is make the penalties for reckless driving and causing death by dangerous driving more stringent. $5000 and $10,000 fines are no deterrents. Lengthy prison sentences too, in some situations. The reintroduction of highway patrols will also help. I say reintroduction because you only see police on the highway after major incidents like this one. Very reactive indeed.

      By the way since I am on the police, what is the latest on the anti-gang unit? Word on the ground is that it failed even before it started – the brain child of a brainless police deputy. I recall reading a comment on the very medium stating the reasons an anti gang unit would have been short lived in St. Lucia. It’s seems like this person was more informed than our very reactive police.

  6. Sympathy to all the affected parties. Also, we need to appreciate our healthcare providers who work tirelessly to preserve and prolong life. Therefore, it is difficult to comprehend why the administration in the Department of Nursing at SALCC is so insensitive towards our future healthcare providers(Nursing Students). Why is that Nursing Department administration at SALCC not empathetic? Why?

    • Are u referring to the fees at the college… I to want to become a nurse who just graduated from secondary school, but with the fees now acquiring funds is difficult.

    • may not always be mini bus…secondly its ttime we take to the streets for speed bumps or something to be put in place in that area….many rallied for george floyyd and botham…..we like to follow the american way and wen it hits us home we say nothing but on social media….. lets rally here for own own safety and our families

  7. I was on a Vieux-Fort bus and boy that was a harrowing experience. The man was driving like a bat out of hell. I was scared. I couldn’t take it any more and told the driver he was scaring me and to slow down. Do you know some passengers had a problem with me speaking up? But you know, I didn’t give a hoot! It was my life and I didn’t want to lose it yet. The southern drivers (some) are a peril on the road and they need to be taken off. That’s The Crow’s) two cents on the matter.

  8. Why every time I read about a road accident, it always seem to be, more about the SLFS; they seem to be like Superman, flying and jumping in a single bound; not only that, but they call them out from Space and every where else.
    Wouldn’t it be nice if they could come out for Fire only, and that the Ambulance could be there first? better still place Speed Bumps at all Highways, Busy Roads and Streets too. The guilty speedsters should be dealt with both financially and in this case criminally and Jail. I must say the best cure for all this is ‘The Almighty, daily prayer, faith and hope in God’ Amen.

    • For some of the drivers all they do is joke around with peoples life !!!!on how many occasions ive been travelling up north n asking the drivers to slow down on the road cause we’re in no rush to die as yet!!!!! But all they do is race to get on peg befor the driver behind them!!!!! Why is it a first come first serve n not the order they left vf or Castries bus stop or what ever bus stop they’re goin to n from!!!! It’s always a race race thing on these roads with peoples lives!!!!!!

  9. Sighs being a resident in this area has been traumatising. Motorists also have to take the blame when making irrational decisions when it comes to driving – you are putting not only passengers lives at risk but also pedestrians!!! We already lack sidewalks in our area and many persons walk along the highway to get to their homes and work. Let me also make note of the sidewalks which are being placed along the Millennial Highway in some odd locations; but Bexon has been pleading for some for many years now… So sad they had to lose their lives because of a driver who I hope is charged for manslaughter. Condolences to their families today I am torn.

  10. Bexon highway is a residential area. How many people must die of road accidents before the authority decides to put speed bumps on this jighway? Speed bumps were placed on the gros islet highway when the son of a famous man in st lucia struck and killed a tourist. We are too reactive in this small island. We need to be proacrive.

  11. What Does give your life to god have to do with that Careless and Reckless Driving .All the passengers onboard were heading Home after work . If was not Reckless Driving everyone onboard the Minibus would be Home Safe .Thats really sad for the passengers and Bus Driver .My Deepest Sympathy goes out to everyone involved on the Passenger Bus

  12. Well there you have it,the NASCAR drivers in St Lucia have done it again…This time who’s to blame? Could it be the minibus or the Panel Van? This is getting ridiculous,some of these individuals are always in a rush to nowhere but the grave.

    • From eye witness report the panel van was overtaking and could not backdown as the driver believed it was driving a Ferrari. KFC is making too much money hence the disregard for anyone’s safety.

  13. was that news article all about the fire service ? because it look like they just giving themselves praise and it’s all about them. its their job I mean come on.

      • @employer and Ana, I notice you have a serious reading and comprehension problem. You mean the both of you did not pick up from the article that the reporter was writing from what he/she got from the Fire Department and was quoting them extensively because they are the source of the information. If Employer and Ana relate something to me that I write about and I refer to the source, is the article about the source.
        After the details of the accident there a small section on how the Department responded. If you, @employer and Ana were not idiots, you all would have realized that this must have been in response to questions from the reporter.

  14. sad sad sad…people give your life to God this troubled world has nothing to offer…..if we are having an issue take it to the Lord in prayer…….ohh families i grieve with you…..take heart..


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