Three Hospitalised After Shooting In Castries, Physical Assault In Vieux Fort

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A Castries shooting incident and a physical assault in Vieux Fort landed two men and a woman in the hospital.

On Sunday at approximately 6:36 pm, emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) headquarters in Castries responded to the shooting report at Derriere Fond, Castries and transported a thirty-nine-year-old man to the OKEU Hospital.

And on Friday, at approximately 6:36 pm, emergency personnel from the Vieux Fort fire station responded to a physical assault report at New Dock road, Vieux Fort.

They transported a 41-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman to St Jude Hospital.

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SLFS Communications Officer Annia Mitchel disclosed that for the period May 6 -9, the fire service made 100 ambulance responses.

Mitchel said they included 14 responses to vehicle incidents, six to physical assaults, and the Castries shooting incident.

She also disclosed that there were ten fire calls, including bush and rubbish fire reports.


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  1. Oh please not that shit again. Why don’t WE accept responsiblity as grown PEOPLE of this country and stop putting the blame on the government. When will WE step up as citizens and say no more? To combat crime it has to be a community effort no just on some parties but a community as a whole. But if we the community see this as not being OUR problem then we are all fucked. WE are being selfish and self centered not caring about anything but OURSELF. So tell me what are you doing as a person to curbing crime in YOUR community. THIS IS A GROUP EFFORT NOT JUST ONE PERSON OR THE GOVERNMENT. IT HAS TO BE A COLLABORATION. WE ALL SHOULD WORK TOGETHER AND KICK THESE FUCKS OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY MAKING OUR HOMES FAMILY VISITORS AND COUNTRY SAFE.

    • good sir that is the absolute most sensible comment in a very long time. It is a community effort and by community i mean the whole country. Possibly even the diaspora. St Lucia has been slowly sinking in this quicksand of crime and disorder. We as a people need to get our homeland safe and happy again. forget the political smokescreen. its only for the votes. the onus is on us to make it right.

  2. Politicians in opposition fool the electors by making think they have the solution to every problem in the country. When they get in office they are like what is found in a soiled baby’s diaper.

  3. @Martin Rosemond lets just say the Lucian people got rid of one government expecting the new one to live up to their promises but unfortunately it’s not the case, well i guess it’s politics as usual…

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