Three Injured In Sunny Acres Accident

Three people were injured Thursday afternoon when two vehicles heading in the same direction collided at the Sunny Acres roundabout, emergency officials have reported.

According to the officials, the collision involved a Mitsubishi Galant and a Toyota Voxy.

Emergency responders on the scene

They said the Toyota overturned, resulting in what appeared to be minor injuries to three persons who were in the vehicle.

The trio were transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulances that were dispatched by the Castries and Babonneau Fire Stations, it was reported.

An official of the Saint Lucia Fire Service told St Lucia Times that there were two people in the Mitsubishi Galant.

The official said they both declined an offer to be transported to hospital via ambulance.

It was reported that the fire service received a call in relation to the accident about 12:59 p.m.




  1. Most of Our drivers don’t know how to negotiate a round about, and they never try to learn, but yet they are coming with speed with no consid√©ration for others!

    • You mean navigate? Roundabout (in St Lucia) made is easy – give priority to vehicles approaching from your right and pay close attention to others on your left. Use correct signalling and at the right time. Be mindful that others ahead of you may be signalling wrongly so you be cautious. Save a life.

      • You can actually use negotiate when describing a highway, especially a part which is or has proven to be difficult or challenging for drivers as in the case of a roundabout.

  2. How foolish can these people be declining to be taken to the hospital. Not me. I could be missing only one strand of hair I want to go hospital. In this dreadful day? Not me next thing I wake up in the morning all myself hard and hurting then I having difficulty from insurance and etc.


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