Three New Monarchs Crowned For Saint Lucia Carnival 2022

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After an exciting weekend of intense competition, three new kings have been crowned for Saint Lucia Carnival 2022.

Copping this year’s Groovy Monarch title for the third time was Ricky T, with the song “Mal Pale”.

Crowd favourite for the power soca segment, Fross, took the title of Power Soca Monarch with his hit song “God Made Man” which saw the entire crowd at the SAAB jumping and waving their piles of money in unison.

 Calypso Monarch Dezral, left fans yearning for more with his song “legacy”, where he was joined on stage by his father, local Calypso legend, The Mighty Pep.

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The results for this year’s Monarchs were as follows:

Rank  Groovy Soca Monarch  Power Soca Monarch  Calypso Monarch 
Winner  Ricky T Fross Dezral
1st Runner- Up  Ti-Blacks Ricky-T Ti-Carro
2nd Runner- Up  Q-Pid Dhirv 2Funny Walleigh
3rd Runner- Up  Ezra DaFunMachine Ezra DaFunMachine TC Brown


Chairperson of the Carnival Planning and Management Committee (CPMC), Tamara Gibson said “We were expecting a very tight competition this year and our artistes certainly delivered. We saw some very high-quality performances, making it very difficult for our judges to select a winner. We were also very pleased with the turnout this past weekend and happy to see patrons getting back into the groove of Saint Lucia Carnival. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has to offer.”

Saint Lucia Carnival 2022 runs from July 7 – 19, with the Parade of the bands scheduled for July 18 and 19.

Source: Carnival Planning and Management Committee. 

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  1. The words does not encourage women to “eat man money”, it is a warning to men to keep their eyes opened but in the form of a papishow song.

    Then again, art or so called art is whatever we choose to interpret it as.

  2. i not going to lie fross deserved the crown but all of you that was jumping up to that song was a set of idiots, i am positive it was mostly women with money in hand that was doing that because they want somebody forwarding their papisho they doing


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