Three Non-Nationals Injured In Resort Accident

Three non-nationals were injured as a result of an accident  Wednesday night at the Oasis at Marigot, the Saint Lucia Fire Service has reported.

According to emergency officials, the three females were thrown off a cable cart on ground rails after it malfunctioned about  8. 50 p.m.

It was reported that the trio sustained leg injuries and bruising.

One of the females was identified as a Florida resident while another is from Trinidad and Tobago, the Fire Service said.

The nationality of the third victim was not immediately clear.

All three are said to have been transported via ambulance to Tapion Hospital.



  1. The third lady was from the USA, she sustained head injuries and bruising but was able to leave to go home today, the other two ladies were hurt more extensively, it seems a cable broke on the lift up to the higher levels of the hotel.

  2. Yes, the one lady that arrived back home in the California a couple of days ago, is still in recovery.
    Your support is appreciated!

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