Three People Hospitalised After Motorbike Accident

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The Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) says it transported three people to the hospital after an accident involving two motorbikes on Monday about 6:05 pm at La Caye, Dennery.

An SLFS official disclosed that the three were on the bikes when the accident occurred.

The circumstances surrounding the incident were not immediately clear.

However, the SLFS disclosed that emergency responders transported the three injured individuals to the Dennery Hospital, but later, two went to the OKEU Hospital and one to St Jude Hospital.

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There are no further details at present.

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  1. Unpredictable, i do agree with you when it comes to the protective gear and all that,here in the UK riders are allowed to ride between traffic,it’s called filtering. In Saint Lucia those young men are stubborn,who don’t hear will feel,guess more business for the funeral palours when they end up dead(sad to say),plus the police need to step their game up ion confiscating those uninsured bikes,government need to put laws in place to give the police power of seizure.SMH

  2. a lot of these young rider don’t even have a license and biker refuse to abide by the traffic laws cause nowhere in the civilized world it would be legal to ride on the white line between the lanes of traffic. transport department need to make sure these rider are legal and that they follow the traffic laws. because their vehicle is small the feel it’s ok to fit it anywhere. they ride with no helmet most of the times. slippers on their feet, no other protective gear. and they cause alot of the accident on the road. when this happen then they blame everyone else but themselves.

  3. The authorities need to put new measures or laws in place for bike riders. The way bikers sway in between cars in traffic is ridiculous. Majority of bikers ride only for themselves particularly the young riders.

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