Timothy Poleon To Start New Talk Show On Real FM

Timothy Poleon, who was recently dismissed from Radio Caribbean International (RCI), will start a new talk show on Real FM on Monday, the station has announced.

The award winning Poleon formerly hosted the popular telephone call-in  programme Newsspin on RCI.

Newsspin followed the station’s midday news edition.

The new host is former Saint Lucia diplomat, Earl Huntley.

Poleon is reported to have fallen out with  the management of RCI over his plans to set up his own radio station.

His new talk show on Real FM 91.3/91.55, will air weekdays from 12:30 pm to 2.00 p.m.

It will reportedly be preceded by a newscast.

No name for the  new programme has been announced.





  1. Cant keep a good man down! Shame on you rci, your station is already feeling the effects of your unfair decision. Carmer is something else when it comes around, wait for it ’cause its coming!!!! Huntley just started and he already missed one ‘nospin’
    Just listen to Huntley and you will realize how good Tim is. Kudos to Tim, I will be on to support his program.

  2. When you are progressing in life ,with the help of God people get jealous and try to bring you down it happen in every social structured organization it is important to create your own employment and be self sufficient in order to have power over the system

  3. And just like that MBC’s ratings went up. Great move y’all. RCI is already feeling the punch after hearing that new guy “Hunting” for words and the truth in the stories he’s commenting on. Bravo again y’all.

  4. I heard someone saying finally News Spin has a fair, balance and none political host. Really? Earl Huntley is anything but political. Timothy has never appeared on any political platform or server in any political position under any administration. Can the same be said about Huntley? I think his views might be tainted and none objective. And for that reason I no longer trust and listen to News Spin. But I urge Timothy to still continue on his path to operating his own station. Rest if you must but by all means keep moving.

    • The person said the truth any objective person can see Mr. Poleon leans to a certain party.Based on his interview style for different political party operatives

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