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Updated on July 9, 2020 11:52 am
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Top Cop Says More Than 50 Assassins Walking Around T&T

Trinidad Express:– Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith says that the Intelligence agencies have revealed that there are over 50 “ shooters”, linked to various gangs, with most being active in taking out hits on opposing gang members.

And this has proven to be the root cause of a significant number of homicides in this country via gang activity, he says.

These individuals walk around with their firearms, knowing quite well that if held, it is usually a simple case of going to court next day, acquiring bail, and being issued with another firearm, to carry out their trade; which involves killing persons in cold blood, according to Griffith.

In a statement yesterday, Griffith said the Bail Amendment Bill was a critical tool to providing both a strong deterrent as well as ensuring that if and when such criminal elements are held, they can remain where they belong.

In the last decade, over 75% of homicides were carried out by persons with illegal firearms in this country, and most by a select few, he said.

Presently, anyone who is apprehended with a firearm, could be released on bail and be free to possibly assassinate the same person who was the informant that caused their initial arrest.

“This improper system has proven to be a liability in getting law abiding citizens to come forward and pinpoint possible shooters with illegal weapons.”

Griffith said that someone who has been arrested for possession of an illegal firearm must not be granted bail.

He believes that possession of an illegal firearm is enough for someone to lose their freedom and have bail restricted for 120 days.

He said this approach takes the guns away from criminals and gets potential cold-blooded murderers, off the streets.

He said those who speak about Constitutional rights being infringed should also be cognizant of the right to life which is, in fact, the ultimate Constitutional right of all citizens.

“This right is then taken away by cold-blooded criminal elements, who are armed with the knowledge that they can walk around with a weapon and if arrested, they can be released within 24 hours, if the amendment to this Bill is not granted.” Said Griffith.

He said amendments to this Bill would ensure that a criminal is incarcerated for 120 days, allowing victims to come forward, with the knowledge and the sense of safety and protection that the perpetrator is behind bars, which can also reduce the opportunity for reprisal.

“ If someone is in possession of a firearm, it means that they have the intent to kill an innocent person in cold blood. The intent must be seen as being as dangerous as the action.

A criminal with an illegal firearm has the capacity and capability to kill dozens of persons in cold blood with just one magazine. Such individuals should not be incarcerated only when they have committed the act.

When this Law was enforced a few years ago, it proved to be instrumental in reducing crime; and the Commissioner believes that such a Law, when reinforced, can do so again.” said Griffith.



    If a Commissioner has such ‘…intelligence,’ he should not be frightening people or take umbrage with the issue of bail.

    These are not a Commissioner’s concern. His duty is to ‘…Prevent and Detect Crime.’

    Whatever the Judiciary does is entirely a matter for the Judges and Magistrates.

    His responsibility is to flood the streets and communities with Police officers to take them off or to flush them out.

    That is what competent, effective and tough Commissioners do; ‘…not to complain about bail and constitutional rights.’

    Not sure what comfort such disclosure brings to a ‘…fearful; …unarmed and hapless citizenry.’

    If there is ‘…Gang Warfare,’ and they allow their ‘…gun-wrath to descend upon each other and assassinate each other, that is fine.

    However, since they do not challenge each other in ‘…gun battles in Skinner Park,’ there is no guarantee when they ‘…attack each other on the streets and the various gang-infested communities’ that the innocent will not fall victim to gun violence.’

    What of the ‘…armed bandits who religiously, ‘…kidnapped businessmen and women and their family members; …demand large ransoms; …offering threats to kill and and in fact, does kill the victims?

    The citizenry are never interested in hearing of the number of ‘…Armed Gangs in a nation.’

    They are never interested in ‘…Talking about Assassins,’ but in the ‘…Action taken or being talked by the Police’ in protecting them from the ‘…Bullets of the over 50 Assassins.’

    Commissioners do not complain. This speaks to signs of an inability to cope; …ineffective and possible incompetence.’

    Time to have a ‘…Succession Plan.’

    This might be the right juncture for the Minister of National Security to prioritize its implementation.

  2. Just to be sure the following statement:
    “If someone is in possession of a firearm, it means that they have the intent to kill an innocent person in cold blood. The intent must be seen as being as dangerous as the action.”
    Was intended to mean , “if a criminal” – right ? Because any person own and or carrying a gun does not mean that , that person intends to be involved in criminal activity or hurt anyone.

    • An “Unlicensed” firearm that is. You need no prior criminal record.Once you have it and its “unlicensed”, then it’s “illegal” and so it carries a “criminal” offence. Yes, again, if its not “unlicensed” you’ll be probed more than the person whose piece is “licensed”(even if that same person is just as capable of killing someone in cold blood sadly).

  3. Megz I agree with your statement: however in my comments I was looking at the statement in the Article as it stood on its own. “If someone is in possession of a firearm” etc, I
    Thought it was too general, since it not preceded by a specification to an unlicensed firearm or to a criminal. So I’m my mind it was referring to anyone

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