Top Regional, International Media Presence For Jazz

Press Release:–  This year’s edition of Saint Lucia Jazz produced in collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center has received attention from a number of top regional and international publications.

Saint Lucia’s collaboration with the prestigious Jazz at Lincoln Center provided a number of new and exciting media coverage opportunities for this year’s Festival.

To ensure coverage of this exciting partnership, the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority hosted over 25 journalists during the weeklong Festival.

Representing top publications from the US, Canada, the UK, Martinique, Guadeloupe and Trinidad – the media had an opportunity to attend a number of shows, to interview performing artists and to explore Saint Lucia’s favorite attractions during the day.

Jazz FM interviewing Grammy Award winning Christian Mc Bride

This year’s press group represented some of the world’s best publications.

Regional, International Media Presence For Jazzogether they brought together a mix of print and broadcast journalists, social media influencers, bloggers and photojournalists from media outlets such as the New Yorker, Maxim Magazine, BBC, New York Post, Lonely Planet, WCLK 91.9 Jazz, Jazz FM, Journal de Montreal, Trinidad Guardian, L’Officielle Martinique, France Antilles, Via ATV and CNC3 TV, just to name a few.

To officially welcome the press to the jazz festival, the SLTA hosted a Media Mixer at Coco Palm Hotel on Friday May 10, 2019.

Local, regional and international journalists had an opportunity to directly engage with a number of performing artistes including Russell Hall and The Baylor Project as well as members of the SLTA, Jazz at Lincoln Center and the Events Company of Saint Lucia.

The Saint Lucia Jazz Festival produced in collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center culminated with a sold out Gospel Jazz Brunch on Sunday May 12 at Shangri-La.  

The Saint Lucia Summer Festival will continue in June & July with the much-anticipated Saint Lucia Carnival followed by Saint Lucia Roots & Soul from August 23-25, 2019.


  1. And not for that was jazz a success. And to top it off, the bald headed Foruna blaming locals for
    jazz beig the failure that it was.

    Like the post before me said “wake me up in the day of elections”.

  2. how much did it cost us ? since you said 14 million was way too much and you are cutting cost and making better… much did you all spend for the 3 jazz festival so far?/

  3. Are you telling me that success is measurd by the number and type of foreign media agencies present at those events? One day soon, lucians will piss back in Fortuna’s eyes and tell her its Chairman’s.

  4. Gasson, I here ee. I wasted my money and time. I eh saying that I will never be back for jazz. I jus saying tings have to be different.

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