Tourism meets Kwéyòl at Sandals Regency La Toc

Castries Saint Lucia, October 31st 2016 – Glorious weather. Good company. Delectable Creole food. These are just some of the ingredients that contribute to a vibrant holiday in sunny Saint Lucia, during the month of October, designated as Creole Heritage Month.

There is no doubt that Kwéyòl is alive and well in Saint Lucia. This is manifested throughout the length and breadth of the island as language and adventure come together in a true expression of art and Sandals Regency Golf Resort and Spa is the catalyst that captures the spirit of a people.

This is a spirit that is elusive, alluring, tempestuous, and a mélange of European, Indian, and African cultures. From out of this rich blend, is the Saint Lucian, struggling for balance between the influences of the French, and the English, finding expression through the Creole. This is the mother tongue, a language that has been preserved, spoken for generations, and pulled back from the brink of extinction.

This is the Saint Lucia that will welcome tourists to its shores, and encourage the dance between Guest and locals, who come together – preparing, tasting, soaking it all in, and Nature is the perfect host. She caresses with gentle breezes and calm azure seas. And Sandals does the rest. She woos the guest with sites and sounds that are uniquely Saint Lucian. Come taste Saint Lucia year round, but come feel her pulse in October, and Sandals will deliver her, decked out in Creole. En Sent Lisi Kwéyòl la ka bwiyé. (The Creole is cooking in Saint Lucia).