Tourism Minister Holds Emergency Meeting After Visitors Violate COVID-19 Protocols

Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee convened an emergency meeting on Sunday, after two visitors to Saint Lucia who were staying at a resort here violated COVID-19 protocols.

According to a release from the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA), the two made their way into an area  that was restricted to them.

“The Ministry of Tourism commends a vigilant resident who reportedly, under physical distancing protocols interviewed the visitors and alerted the relevant authorities,” according to the release issued on Sunday.

It said the guests had since returned to the resort and the management had beefed up security measures.

The following is a press release subsequently issued by the authority.

Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Culture and Creative Industries- Honourable Dominic Fedee, convened an emergency meeting on Sunday July 12, with Tourism Officials and Management of all approved COVID-19 Certified accommodations open for business during phase one, to better streamline Saint Lucia’s tourism relaunch. 

Management of the various hotels have reaffirmed their strong willingness to work with the relevant Public Sector Agencies to reinforce the protocol of guests remaining on property unless travelling on approved water-based coastline tours booked through the hotels. 

Visitors to the island will be guided by all travel requirements outlined in Statutory Instrument No. 114 of 2020.  This includes the wearing of masks during on-island transportation and when in public places. Visitors are advised to also check with accommodation properties regarding COVID-19 protocols, individual hotel safety and wellness policies. Failure to comply will result in the intervention of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. 

“The Government’s number one priority is the health and safety of citizens, hotel employees and visitors. We will spare no effort to ensure that we do not undermine national safety. I want to also encourage Saint Lucians to bring it to the attention of the authorities if anyone violates the enforced protocols.” Said Honourable Dominic Fedee.

Commissioner of Police, Milton Desir who participated in Sunday’s meeting has committed the support of the police in enforcing protocols. In keeping Saint Lucia safe the Government will continue to adjust protocols as the need arises to strengthen any gaps detected to avoid compromising the Health and Safety of our people. 

As we make strides towards overcoming the challenges presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic, we seek the cooperation and vigilance of the public in enforcing the protocols outlined and reporting any infractions to local Health Authorities at (758) 468-5300.

For more information about Saint Lucia’s COVID-19 response, all protocols and details of requirements prior to entry, please visit


  1. The minister is responsible for setting out the specific details/ protocol as to how the hotels deal with security to prevent this from happening.

  2. Politiricks and Christianity dont Mix.As a Politricktian you must lie so You cannot be a Christian also they have more than one Female Companion

  3. If we had them under as much police guard as we have nationals, we would not be having this conversation. St Lucians are at the bottom of this government’s ladder.

    • That’s not the responsibility of our police. The hotel security should have dealt with this matter. Some of us are too quick to blame and a too political.

  4. I will ask … What are the PENALTIES for tourists who do not follow protocol? Are we simply giving them a mild warning allowing them to go on their merry way while we bear the burden of “beefing up security etc.? FINE them in the USD we love so much! DEPORT them for non-compliance because they were fully aware of what the expectation was before they got here. Remember that we do not have sufficient equipment, personnel or infrastructure to handle a community outbreak here…so we need to make them think twice about just doing as they please. It is time we toughen up for our own sake.

    • …….we are inviting them to come and when people spend their hard earn thousands to come here they want to feel free tourism WILL NEVER BE THE SAME no matter what and how hard we try.

  5. As an American, I know some of my countrymen feel in titled and that foreign rules do not apply to them. I hope that St Lucians know we are all not like that. I hope to be back to your lovely island soon.

  6. A handful of tourists will do nothing to stimulate the econmy or get sufficient numbers back to work. But a handfil of tourists will create serious problems with the spread of COVID. The eyes of this government in their backsides, I swear

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