Friday, November 15, 2019

Tourism Security Expert Conducting Saint Lucia Survey

Tourism Security expert, Doctor Peter Tarlow, is currently conducting a tourism safety and security survey here on behalf of the Saint Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA), the association has disclosed.

In its newsletter ‘Tourism Matters’, the SLHTA said that the survey will outline shortcomings and strengthen measures in Saint Lucia’s tourism and security framework.

According to the publication, Tarlow  and the SLHTA’s Security Liaison Officer Anthony Martial met with hotel  heads of security to discuss the ‘dire need’ for training within the sector.

It stated that after ‘thorough dialogue’, some of the key areas highlighted for training included the training of managers in tourism safety and security; the creation of security plans for hotels; handling cases of sexual harassment and customer service training for security personnel.

“It was also noted that there is need for fast tracking the cases of crimes against visitors,” Tourism Matters reported.

Doctor Tarlow also met with Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee and top officials of the SLHTA.



  1. Great work. Hopefully this is a springboard for increased security and the fast tracking of crimes at the national level as well. Of course, we understand that visitors are only here for short periods of time and so the need to have these matters dealt with swiftly so that the evidence can be collected and prosecutions made without delaying their return to their homes is essential. Well done Tourism Authority. We look forward to improvements at the national level from the Ministry of Justice/National Security as soon as possible to fast track all prosecutions and to reduce the backlog of unheard cases which have been occuring for decades now. The Attorney General and Soilicitor General have been doing excellent work to reduce the backlog and to increase the number of judges on island, but there is still more to be done. Unprosecuted crime is a problem for everyone, locals and visitors and we must stamp it out with vigorous force.

    • Just a slight correction. The organization funding this is the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA) a PRIVATE SECTOR organization and NOT the SLTA (St. Lucia Tourism Authority formerly know as the St. Lucia Tourist Board) which is a public sector organization. The SLHTA is funded by membership dues from hotels and allied members and the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF) which sponsored this consultancy is funded by contributions from hotel guests. So this has been a 100% private sector initiative so far. So kudos to the SLHTA for taking the lead on this!

  2. Maybe we should have a FAST track visitors court at the soonest and become a market leader.

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