Botham Jean

Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, is expected to visit Dallas, Texas, Monday in the aftermath of the tragic shooting death of Saint Lucian national, Botham Shem Jean.

Chastanet, who was already in the US on vacation with his family, is expected to meet with family members of the deceased to offer support,  according to information obtained by St Lucia Times.

The PM is also expected to meet with Dallas officials, including Mayor, Mike Rawlings.

Rawlings was quoted by the Dallas Morning News  as saying that he had offered condolences to Chastanet.

The Mayor also confirmed to the publication that the Saint Lucia Prime Minister would visit Dallas and meet with him.

Dallas police identified the officer who killed 26-year-old Botham Jean in his own home late Thursday as Amber Guyger.

(Amber Guyger)

Police said Guyger, a four-year veteran of the force, told investigators she was returning home from her shift Thursday night and accidentally entered Botham Jean’s apartment.

She believed Jean was an intruder and shot him, police said.

They have released few other details.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings  called the late Botham Shem Jean “exactly the sort of citizen we want to have in the city of Dallas,” according to the Dallas Morning News.

Not only has he lost his life, but we’ve lost a potential leader for this city for decades to come,” the mayor said.

He called Jean’s mother, Allison Jean, “amazingly graceful” in the face of grief.

“She wasn’t wagging her finger at anybody. She was saying, ‘What happened?'” Rawlings said.

He said she told him: “I’m not angry. I’m heartbroken. And I just want to make sure all the truth is told.”

A vigil has been planned here for Tuesday evening on the La Clery playing field to demonstrate solidarity with the family of the late Botham Shem Jean and to echo calls for justice to be served.



  1. What a waste of tax-payers hard-earned money it would be more beneficial if a trained psychologist would make the trip but then again that would still be a waste of money because i’m certain Dallas has a plethora of professionals to deal with its myriad issues. What a waste of money.

  2. With his Diplomatic Passport. He does not want to lose his way of entry to Europe and the US. So he will not do like King did, when he brought back law an order by bring in a task force, which was banned by Kenny, because of the US; we are now paying the price of an unsafe country, and most of our good and intelligent police officers are in the dark: Deprived of promotion, overseas training, courses etc.
    No one for that matter will take a decision to handle these criminals, just because of visas. People, these criminals are not joking, because they have all gone mad, shooting each other as fools! And our leaders are there, taking advantage of their status!

  3. What??? Seriously? A 13 year old was shot in our own land and not a word from the PM. Of the 27 murders he has not visited one family here. But just for international attention he will fly to Dallas? For what?
    Call the family and find out how you can help..stop wasting our money man!

  4. Do you people ever stop and think of what you all are doing to your own country? It’s a wonder that we were able to produce two Nobel laureates. To stop so low !!!

  5. Does Chastanet own a share in an aircraft? What’s about the free visas to visit America? Chas keep your promise, we should go to America without Visa as of now.

  6. Are you all serious? The US is killing black people with due care nor regard – she thought she was in her apartment. Did she not notice that the furniture/décor was different. – Regardless of what you think of your PM or government – this needs to be highlighted. When they start shooting black foreign nationals who are not ‘terrorist’ we need to raise our voices

  7. Black people stand up for your rights. Do not let America get away with the murder of your people. Let their government stop the shooting of the innocent blood of black people. The Government has to stop the innocent murder of black people. Fight for your rights until it happens.

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