Saint Lucia Police are investigating the death of a taxi driver, identified as Nerius Francis, also known as ‘Korsol’.

A law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that spent shells were found in the area near the vehicle which the deceased was driving.

The official disclosed that the vehicle had run off the road and overturned a short distance away from the Monchy gap, pinning Francis.

Police suspect that the deceased was shot at and attempted to take evasive action when the vehicle he was driving ran off the road.

Francis was pronounced dead about 11:30 pm Monday.

He was in his forties, it is reported.







    • Never again. Let the SLP operatives who went to the us to talk crap confront the criminals and restore confidence.

  1. Where is Mary Francis when these killings is taking place she’s mute gone voiceless but as soon as the police begins to do there jobs the mongrell begins to bark I will be watching to see her make an appearance on the media ENOUGH IS ENOUGH DEAL WITH THEM CLRAN UO THE STREETS DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO OUR POLICE I KNOW FOR SURE WE WITH YOU 100%

  2. Human Rights! Woman being abused and raped have no rights. Children being abuse by grown men, left without food or a safe environment to grow in have no rights. Hard working men being rubbed and killed because of the little they have been blessed with have no right. Patients dying at our health institutions because of doctors/nurse negligence or malpractice have no rights. Lawyers like herself misrepresenting or stealing their clients have no rights. Young women being insulted with slave wages at the likes of S&S and these other Syrian and some local establishments have no rights and the list goes on and on. I have never heard our champion human rights activist lament on any of these human rights violations. Not a word, not word! But let a police office stare hard at a criminal caught in the act and she will be all over the media talking about his right must be protected. That’s police intimidation and it should not be allowed. I sometimes blame the media because they give Mary Issac a platform to spew out should sub-human sentiments.

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