Residents and the police in Babonneau have been lauded by Freelance Journalist, Martin Augustin, for their response to a fire that destroyed his business place.

Augustin operated a small business near the Babonneau multi-purpose centre that offered among other things,  photography, printing and photocopying services.

He told the Times he received a call at approximately a quarter past midnight, informing him that his business was ablaze.


Augustin recalled that when he arrived on the scene he realized that some of the young men in the area had broken into the building to save some of  his possessions that were inside.

“I just want to go on record to say thank you to them – immensely; I don’t know how I can stop saying thank you to them,” he exclaimed.

The Freelance Journalist observed that especially in Babonneau, there have been a lot of negative incidents.

“If anything, I want this to be documented in the history books as one of the positive things in Babonneau – that Babonneau has positive people; people who would come out and risk their lives to help you in time of danger,” he said of the residents who came to his assistance.

Augustin said one ambulance and three fire trucks were on the scene..

“Most of my things were damaged but thankfully the guys helped me out and the police also offered me a place to put my stuff, so I want to go on record as saying thank you to the police as well,” he stated.

Augustin disclosed that he has been operating his business for close to six years.

Despite the tragedy, Augustin’s Journalistic instinct kicked in and he began video recording the fire.

He recalled being told by a veteran Journalist here that he was born to be a Journalist.

“I felt that I would not be living my true purpose coming there and  not getting the story as it happened,” Augustin explained.

He said despite how he felt at the fire scene, he also felt an obligation to get the information so that others could know what had transpired.

Augustin vowed not to let the setback deter him.

He said:

“I will use this as a stepping stone. As a matter of fact I have created a theme for myself : ‘I will rise through the ashes’ and every time  I feel down and broken I contemplate on this  and with the help of God I know I will make it through.”




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