The sister of deceased taxi driver, Nereus Francis, alias ‘Cosol’, has demanded justice in the aftermath of his death Monday night.

Law enforcement officials have described it as a suspicious death.

According to the police,  about 10:40 pm, the body of  Francis was discovered beneath his Toyota Land Cruiser Prado registration number TX 825 at La Feuillet, Gros Islet,  and appeared to be lifeless.

(Nereus Francis)

A police statement said medical assistance was sought and he was pronounced dead at the Victoria Hospital by a medical practitioner.

Frances Rock, the sister of the deceased, believes her brother was killed by persons unknown.

There have been reports that spent shells were discovered near his vehicle, leading to speculation that unidentified persons may have opened fire at him, resulting in the deceased losing control of his vehicle as he took evasive action.

It was not clear whether Francis was hit.

His sister said she knows of no reason why anyone would want to harm her brother whom she described as someone who was willing to help others.

“My brother is such a guy where anybody ask him something, he will give,” she explained.

Questioned by reporters, she revealed that the deceased would visit the casino  in the North of the Island.

“I don’t know, maybe they think he win a money and he have a money on him,” Rock suggested.

“They kill my brother,” she lamented.

“If you  all want money from him, whatever it is you all want, don’t kill him. I need justice. I need to know who kill my brother. But God is  a mighty God, and I know before this month end I will know who kill my brother,” Rock declared.

She said the deceased turned 51 in May this year.

“My brother is not in any old things – nothing. The man have his tours, giving everybody a daily bread. If is money you all want from him ask him, because he always giving,” Rock said.



  1. It breaks my heart every time to see the lack of regard for life. My dad was brutally murdered in 2016 and to date, we still can’t get any answers. Just mere speculation. “Cosol” was a friend of our family and my condolences go out to his family as well. I pray that justice be swift and that you all can find some sort of closure after all is said and done. May his soul rest in peace. 🙁

  2. It is always sad to depart that way, it is another free madder, but nobody cares about the investigators, no one want’s to come forward with the answers, so they getaway with free madders. Support your police, because without them, there will always be free killings There was a petition online, how many of you supported it? Not as many as you that’s crying out there! Only the ORC Police officers feels it! Excuse me!

    • That rumour is totally false. The man was nothing but a successful business man who created the best tour service in St. Lucia. Thus, visitors talked about and recommend his services. Please do not attempt to tarnish a good man’s name. I new him personally and that rumour is false!

    • Don’t you dear try to tarnish his name with stupid rumors! If you don’t have a fact shut your mouth! He was a great man to all and he loved his country and the people in it!! For stupid people to end his life because for greed and people like you to spread untrue rumors is inhuman!

    • All the time ppl knew he was doing well because of his tours now as he die he in coke business… all the other ppl on the island thts progressing is in coke business too? Engage ur mind before u operate ur mouth

  3. Once some one is killed in lucia we always have to look for some drug related issue to say this is the reason u ppl r so damn negative. The was a successful business man because he had a great personality always smiling always ready to help so jus stop with ur assumptions

  4. The police have given the cause of death, you’ll to fast, just because you’ll hear “spent shells” you’ll assuming he was shot. Wait for the complete story first before you’ll start judging.

  5. He was a good man with a good soul.. a hard working and devoted business person. He built his empire and he was progressing… may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  6. They killed my Uncle Cosol and God will punish them… They must feel everything they are making everyone in mourning feel… I pray for Uncle so that he may find peace. ❤️

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