water drowning drown sea
water drowning drown sea

Three drownings have been reported in Vieux Fort.

According to law enforcement sources, the victims are all Indian nationals.

A law enforcement official said two are students of Spartan Health Sciences University, while one is a teacher at the learning institution.

The incident reportedly occurred around noon on Saturday, March 31, 2018.

According to information, two of the victims were washed out to sea by a ‘rogue wave’ and the third encountered difficulty while attempting to save them.

It is reported that two of the bodies have since been recovered while a search continues for the third.


  1. That’s tough. The same thing happened to my cousin. We never recovered his body. Prayers to the affected families.

  2. So sad and tragic. It is advisable that persons going to the beach should take along flotation devices like life belts and/or life jackets even if they can swim. Rogue waves and treacherous currents are common on the Atlantic side of Vieux Fort (if this is where the incident occurred).

  3. Wow! What a tragedy! This is really sad and I feel very sorry for their families and fellow students and teachers of Spartan. May God comfort all of you at this difficult time.

  4. It is sad to see and hear young lives lost, two of them I knew, Dr Boopathi, and Indy, rest in perfect peace.

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