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Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm
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Updated on May 31, 2020 10:23 pm

Trinidad Bandit Shot Dead

Trinidad Guardian:-  A day­light rob­bery was foiled when two ban­dits be­lieved to be in their ear­ly 20s from Long­denville and Rio Claro re­spec­tive­ly were shot by se­cu­ri­ty guards as they at­tempt­ed to rob Savi’s Clas­sic Jew­el­ry lo­cat­ed on the cor­ner of Noel Street and South­ern Main Road, Cou­va on Tues­day.

One of the ban­dits from Long­denville was fa­tal­ly shot in his up­per body and died at the store while the oth­er was rushed to the Cou­va Dis­trict Health Fa­cil­i­ty for treat­ment for bul­let wound to his low­er legs.

Jagdeo Seecha­ran, broth­er of the own­er, said af­ter open­ing the busi­ness around 10 am, two ban­dits en­tered the build­ing around 11 am.

One of the ban­dits point­ed a gun at the head of the work­er and broke open a glass case.

Seecha­ran said when Ram­s­ingh saw what was tak­ing place she ran in­to the of­fice.

Se­cu­ri­ty guards on du­ty be­came alert to what was tak­ing place and an ex­change of gun­fire took place.

Seecha­ran said de­spite the store be­ing a stone’s throw away from the po­lice sta­tion it has been bur­galarised three times in the re­cent past.

Ram­c­hand Ra­jbal-Maraj, the head of the Cou­va Point Lisas Cham­ber of Com­merce, said the pub­lic has lost faith in the po­lice.

He said that in the last sev­en days there had been a state of rob­beries in the Cou­va area and res­i­dents are run­ning scared.

Ra­jbal-Maraj said the po­lice sta­tion is ill-equipped to deal with the rapid­ly ex­pand­ing pop­u­la­tion in Cou­va.

Cou­va South MP Rudranath In­dars­ingh said he is still to see the joint po­lice and army pa­trols in Cou­va that were promised to him by the prime min­is­ter al­most three years ago.

In­dars­ingh said that in his opin­ion, the whole of Cou­va has be­come a hotspot and was de­mand­ing an­swers from the au­thor­i­ties as to how the gov­ern­ment is deal­ing with the bal­loon­ing crime prob­lem.

In­dars­ingh said the com­mis­sion­er of po­lice is card­ed to meet with stake­hold­ers next Wednes­day at the Cou­va South con­stituen­cy hall at 3.30 pm.



  1. Well, grave is cheaper than jail, as it pertains to bandits. As a Caribbean artist ask the question which one you want? No sympathy for these vermin. I guess their families will be saying that they are good boys who were following bad company. That one who is in the hospital needs some licks before he is sent to jail. People spend many years working hard to build a business, and these termites just want to come and eat down the house in minutes.

  2. Make that two bandits shot dead. Another one was killed by a home/business owner in a home invasion. The distance he and others travelled from where they lived to commit this crime is very far. He did not have a clue that he would never distress anyone again.

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