Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Trinidad Cop Fined for not Wearing Mask in Public

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Newsday: A policeman assigned to the Port of Spain CID has been ticketed for not wearing a mask in public.

In a release, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith said the officer was on duty in downtown Port of Spain on Friday with other officers. He was the only one not wearing a mask.

Griffith said, “We are here to lead by example. We are here to ensure that everyone adheres to the regulations. We cannot be seen breaching the said regulations.”

He also requested a report on why the officer was “brandishing a sophisticated weapon in public without the ‘POLICE’ insignia on his clothing.”

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As for the public, he said they should be responsible and logical.

“There is a reason why persons are not allowed in the bars, because you are trying to avoid close proximity to other persons. But if 50 persons are not allowed in a bar but the 50 persons instead go outside on the pavement, it poses a greater risk…to you and others because you are now converging in a much tighter space than in the bar.

“The law was made to stop people from being in the bar, but…going on the outside is making it even worse.

“It gives me no pleasure to try to enforce these laws and to cause persons to lose $1,000. So all I ask persons is just to adhere to the regulations.”

Although he recently gave a “bligh” to beachgoers who were not wearing their masks while on the shore, he said he has a “comprehensive plan” in place.

“Persons would be given tickets. If they say that it is too hot, that unfortunately is not going to be an excuse to be used. Then you should stay at home. Persons who are not in the water will be given tickets if they are on the beach without their masks.”

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