Trinidad: Robbed Catholic Priest appointed Bishop

The Trinidadian priest who was robbed at gunpoint inside his church last month has received a promotion from the Vatican.

Roman Catholic Priest Monsignor Clyde Harvey was appointed last Friday by Pope Francis as Bishop- elect of the Diocese of St George’s, Grenada, according to local media reports.

Monsignor Harvey was robbed by four men while praying inside the chapel at Holy Rosary/St. Martin’s in Port of Spain on June 12.

At a news conference to announce his new appointment, the Priest said he was not running away from Trinidad because of the robbery or the country’s high crime problem.

“I’m going to Grenada, not because I don’t like Trinidad, not because someone tried to kill me and I am running, that is not what it is all about. It is about being called to serve and hopefully the work that I do there will also benefit Trinidad and Tobago.”


  1. So when will Pope Francis promote Bishop Malzaire (from Mon Repos) to the position of Cardinal?

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