Trinidad & Tobago Confirms First Omicron Case

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Trinidad Newsday:-   Trinidad and Tobago has recorded its first case of the omicron variant.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh confirmed the development during the ministry’s virtual COVID-19 briefing on Monday.

He said the case was detected in a woman who travelled from New York, with a positive PCR test, to Panama, where she boarded with a negative antigen test.

He said the positive PCR test was noted by Port Health in TT, and the woman was placed in isolation at a step-down facility, where she remains.

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He said the 14 people in a two-row radius on board the same aircraft as the Omicron-positive person, have been contacted, were isolated at home and are being monitored. He said all had negative PCR tests.

The minister reiterated that the female passenger was flagged at the airport and never entered the population before she was ordered into state quarantine.

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  1. @Yetti, they don’t realize how stupid they make themselves look on this forum. I am young and double jabbed regardless of the percentage I am still way less likely to develop complications compared to the unvaccinated. And yes older and at risk persons should get a booster. I am not going to allow this virus coming from chin@ and all of these conspiracy theories to affect me or my family because when people are in the hospital, the people spreading nonsense are not the ones taking care of your wellbeing or your medical expenses.

  2. Peter,
    According the science he still has a 97% or not being in the hospital and the booster shots were made for people who are at serious risk.

    But yes, keep being anti science while you’re using a cell phone developed from science, using shoes developed from science, wearing clothes developed from science, using running water, electricity then being anti science.
    Calling thing chemicals when you so ignorant you should know everything has chemicals.
    Look at the amount of chemicals in just a banana, just search that. Do you eat bananas? You are are that some of these chemicals inside of it can kill people if it’s in a high dose. Does that mean bananas will kill people?

    Y’all conspiracy theorist are something else, keep going in the news and preaching the earth is flat.

  3. Oh, Oh Really, move from there. Since March? AA Aa Aa Aa March , aa April, aa May, aa June, aa July, aa August, aa September, aa October , aa November, aa December? According to the science, you are no longer protected. The time you here commenting go for your booster. While you there you can have mine.
    Ou pèdi, just so you insulting the person? Anyway that must be because Ou pèdi .

  4. @Albert, I know many persons who are healthy and fine after taking the vaccine months ago. What I haven’t seen personally is someone dying after taking the vaccine. I got vaccinated since March and still going strong with no changes to my health. Stop talking nonsense.

  5. @oh really

    If you did your research you would know that anyone who has taken the vaccine will die within a few days.
    There are hundreds of doctors who have reported it but it’s not being made public by the media.
    How many vaccinated people do you know who are alive today? Millions upon millions of them die within 24-48 hours. I did not believe it until I saw the videos for myself, u should educate yourself before you make yourself look stupid.

    Look at aids and other stds, it’s not real. Most of these things were meant to scare people in order to use condoms which infects our bodies with chemicals.
    Our body is able to cure every single disease known to man and the unvaccinated nation has proven this time after time.
    You seem like the people who wear mask, mask is just as effective as condoms. They don’t work and they don’t prevent ppl from being pregnant.

  6. Ass calling ass ass. Smh at some of you!!!!
    I hope they think twice about have vax max. But then again cmo never gave the ok

  7. @Ou Pedi, don’t worry I just come here to prick the trolls, since this place is full of them. I’m still waiting for 4G and 5G to come kill us all and 2023 when the vaccine supposed end me. You know it would also be useful to get crocodile skin from the vaccine to survive climate change.

  8. 57% of the worlds population have taken the vaccine but 75% of the world don’t care ? South Africa went from 500 cases a day to 37000 cases a day in just 30 days from omicron. Winter is coming for the unvaccinated.

    • Yawn! You have a brain but lack the ability to use it. Delta was going to wipe us out. Still alive and kicking. Will continue to do so while you stick a need in you every 3 months. Good luck with that. I’ll take my chances with an immune system that evolved over millions of years and has adapted to every imaginable threat this planet has thrown at it. And if you’re into that sort of thing, it was created by a divine being that knows all. We will be fine.

  9. No sh!t Sherlock. Who cares? 75% of the world don’t really care because we not blind to what y’all are doing.

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