Trinidad & Tobago Nationals Lose Money In WhatsApp Scam

SEVERAL Trinidad & Tobago nationals who were looking for jobs at Christmas were instead scammed of thousands of dollars, according to a local news report.

The Daily Express said that in December, several people who are members of a WhatsApp group were falsely told they would be employed as riggers at an energy company if they wired $3,000 to a Western Union account.

Upon paying the money, the victims were told to attend an orientation programme scheduled for January 8, this past Tuesday, the publication reported.

However,  the Daily Express quoted the police as saying  that when they showed up for the orientation, they were told it had been cancelled.


  1. Do you still pay a bag man at the airport,to take your luggage,from the belt,when it comes and deliver it to your house,because you have to rush home.What suckers

  2. Unbelievable. All that money to get a job. What was the breakdown of that $3000. Did they specify what it will be used for

  3. When you dum you are dum.I remember this scam,from Florida,people paid thousands for a promised job on cruise line boats,they still sitting at home with life belt wrapped round waist waiting

  4. So sad! Desperate people do desperate things. I guess they were looking at the bigger picture of making much more than $3,000 in the long run; that they would not even see the real picture. In the end the scam has left them worse off.

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