Trinidad: Two Chinese nationals murdered

Trinidad police say two Chinese nationals were shot dead Thursday night after leaving a casino in what is believed to have been an ordered assassination, CMC has reported.

Investigators said they are working on the theory that the Chinese nationals, Shi Rui Zhao, 32 and Yangli Gu, 30, both self-employed, had been targeted and that it was not a robbery nor a random crime.

They said that the couple were killed in a car outside a restaurant in Marabella, close to the police station. They lived upstairs in the building housing the restaurant where several Chinese reside.

Media reports indicate that the two Chinese nationals may have been followed after leaving the members club and casino and were shot by two men.

The windows and doors of the car were pocked with bullet holes and the two Chinese were shot multiple times to the head and body.

Local media reports said Security guards who were assigned to protect  the Chinese couple drove away while the gunmen opened fire.


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