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Triplets Born At Victoria Hospital

Victoria Hospital has celebrated the first birth of triplets at its facility in more than ten years.

According to a release from the Ministry of Health, there was triple the joy for a mom when a baby girl and two baby boys were delivered at the Maternity unit of the hospital on February 11th.

The triplets were born via cesarean section and with two of them weighing in at 4lbs 4 ounces and the other at 4lbs 6 ounces.

“Prior to delivery, we wanted to make that the babies were old enough so that we would not have to use any ventilator support cause if they are born too young, the lungs are not mature and therefore we would need to ventilate them and we don’t have many ventilators at Victoria Hospital. So, over the three weeks that she was in hospital before delivery we made sure that we gave mummy some special medication so that it can mature the babies’ lungs in the womb and by the time the babies were born, thank God, we didn’t have to ventilate them,” Consultant Pediatrician Dr. Ira Simmons  said.

Consultant Gynecologist Dr. Lucilla Charles explained that the birth of the triplets was definitely a momentous occasion for both the family and the hospital which called for a celebration.

“Last Tuesday, we had to deliver her because  generally the rule with triplets is they tend to come early so we had to take her in for a cesarean delivery which went very well,” according to Charles.

“We had full support of the pediatric team, they came out in a huge contingent together with full support of the obstetrics team and that delivery went very well and smoothly. We were worried about things like blood loss, mother not doing very well. The fortunate thing is that she was awake, part of the experience, she received what is called a spinal so she had no pain, and she was comfortable and was able to celebrate the delivery of her babies,” she explained.

Mother of the newborn triplets Milcah Sinaise says she was extremely delighted and overwhelmed at the birth of her three bundles of joy.

The mom also expressed gratitude to the doctors and nurses for ensuring a safe delivery of the babies.


  1. Congrats mom. May your blessings continue to flow. Great job team VH. Good to celebrate something in the news for a change

  2. That should really be our independence babies. The prime Minister should give a part of the Independence Ball proceeds to the mum . At times like these, the mother and babies need much more than congratulations.

  3. I too think that HELEN would be an appropriate name, and for one boy – ZION after my great grand son.
    The other boy after his father name. The community should help the mother with as much available substance.

  4. 3 kids no husband. typical black mentality that give rise to failure. at least the doctors learnt something in the process. she look like she barely out of her teens. keep breeding things you all cant take care of.

  5. She certainly don’t have to brand her children with any name after St.Lucia, give the chikdren their own unique identity. A name is your identity, you will carry it firever if you chose to……what about St Lucia we want the person to attach to her babies, please and the jackass who’s already speaking ill of the mother. May you find peace with your sad, pathetic behind.
    Blessing to the parents and family.
    Here’s to a great parental journey.

  6. Lane stay in your “lane!”. Your ignorance and judgemental attitude is to be ashamed of. You have assumed there is no father just because there isn’t one in the picture. There is always one to spoil the show and it was you. Father we give thanks for life. May you provide for this family and guide the children in the right path as they grow up.

  7. Well in that case we should all try to help, anyway does anyone know her contact information I have some extra baby new stuff I haven’t used

  8. Congratulations to the Mom, and I wish blessings upon the children. Where is the Dad? In moments like these, as a man, I would have loved to read about the PARENTS celebrating the birth. I hope and pray that he is not one of those deadbeat Daddys. These children need parents and Mom will need support as in these times its not an easy road to raise one, farless three!

  9. Lane you a total idiot and like we Lucian say you are a total ***** and like the bajans say you are a ******** and Jamaican ******** johnny

  10. Congratulations Mom. Drs. Don’t wait for triplets to show such enthusiasm. Be so with everyone you’ll encounter at the facility. Each birth is a celebration. Each person cured is a celebration. Don’t line up for a picture just to say I was there

  11. Hear the goats and sheep that don’t know their daddy. Lane hit the nail on the head. too many of you are being born with no daddy and that is impacting on the crime rate. You all can go high and low. this is real talk. lane did not lie; where is the daddy of the 3 babies? who is taking care of them like buying milk and sugar, clothes and everything else. you people are sutiwez and vicious in that land. thats why you all backward. among the best things my mother ever did for me was chosing a real man to be my dad who treated me like his everything. imagine finally going to school in primary grade and realising that my experience was unique. It worked though.. they are incredibly proud of me I can tell you this. find baby daddy who can support emotionally and financially for your children to progress. like lane say, like it or not, this is black mentality. do your research in your own houses and admit the truth.

    • “The goats and sheep that don’t know their daddy?????????”

      Your so call good upbringing that your “real dad” who treated you like his everything taught you to expose your low self-esteem on here by calling people goats and sheep.

      You talk about crime and yet you here labeling people as animals.

      If you must know who taking care of them is your father, that is why he not in the picture. So before you tell people to search their search yours first.

      Now go and jump high and low and do so something about your low self esteem.

      • look like you don’t know your papa. so bringing it to your attention bring out your low self esteem. not mine. too bad, you will never know what it means for a father to take care of his kid and the success that brings to the child. now do something about your low self esteem. it stems from not having a father figure. most likely you too are among the lost sheep with no daddy. chances are extremely high that your kids have no daddy too.

  12. Well said Selma,this is so true.shame we havent heard of the father,it would be so nice to have all of them together.for the sake of these new born,but hey we dont know But we cant bash this new mother .

  13. Only in stlucia,, some of you full of s***…if she did killed them , she will of been a bitch, they are a blessing to this island.. something good can come out of here, be a fellow islander and support this woman..

  14. Url are a bunch of ignorant fools..if url know the young lady what’s the reason for bashing her on here..never crossed url mind that maybe the father wasnt at the hospital yet when the pic was taken or she pur nurses were interviewed..url quick!! Glad it dad stuck by ur mom side..some men change, some move on with other women and forget their kids…u never how ur life will turn out..u can b madly in love, supporting each other and 2 yrs down, a dramatic change..give the young lady a break

    • Hello this is the NASTY SIDE of St Lucians for you. They do not know this girl; Dad could have well been there all night (just my speculation) and he had to step out for whatever reason or reasons before photos were taken for this media spectacle, to grab a shower, run out to prepare for this unexpected bundle of joy before mommy comes home etc. We don’t know of her ‘ character” led alone anything else to be tearing her down in the most joyous time of her life. If she was not BLACK or if she had A CERTAIN LAST NAME or of A CERTAIN CLASS it would have been all claps. Black Woman and child always a scapegoat. If they only knew themselves, they would have known it’s a Black Woman that gave birth to civilization not the jammet Eve.

      • Interesting, I think a lot of those criticizing this lady might have a lot more skeletons In their closet. Why don’t we just be happy for this young lady instead of all this negativity.

  15. Matthew 7:1. “Judge not, that you be not judged, for with what judgement you judge, you will be judged;”

    Some of you who attend Church regularly, show your Christianity by helping this poor woman: Don’t condemn her.
    Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone: none of us is perfect, I too am a sinner – REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD.

  16. Selma do you even know what you are talking about??????

    Because you come across as uneducated and ignorant. Or maybe you a “guardere”

    Which ever way you come across as ignorant. Don’t assume people don’t have fathers.

    Here is some advice : you can make a contribution without calling people names. Because you come across as sad and ugly.

    Next time you attend a wedding or a funeral you might be surprised how many half siblings you have. Make sure you not wearing makeup then, Runny mascara looks ugly.

    • Ha!Ha! My father did not play your father’s games dear! so definitely I know my siblings no surprises here. You are the one projecting because you don’t know your father. Don’t assume that every Lucian is of your ilk. Some of us were just not born this way. Ha! Ha! girl go wipe your tears and for the record don’t make assumptions about anyone’s look because for sure I am a looker, no ands if or buts. Some of us lucked out in the daddy and looks department too. apparently you did not. go take your nonsense someone else. and get back to into your hole and go cry for your missing daddy.

  17. As far as i know the last set of triplets in st Lucia was over 30 years ago. These children stays at Bisee not far from me. Congratulations to the happy family

  18. Pass due but much in place congratulations on order but sorry I looked for 1 important VIP didn’t see him picture incomplete meanwhile I wish them all the good there is

  19. Hi. Sandy.

    I agree with you about Lane, how is your new born? When do you intend to move back to St Lucia?

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