Tropical Storm Dorian Develops In Atlantic

Tropical Storm Dorian has developed in the central Atlantic Ocean, and is forecast to reach the Lesser Antilles as a tropical storm by Tuesday, according to the Weather Channel.

The system is located several hundred miles east of the Windward Islands, moving steadily West at 10 to 15 mph, it was reported.

Dorian is the fourth storm of this current hurricane season.

Forecasters estimate that on its predicted path, Dorian will approach the Lesser Antilles by Tuesday, though exactly where the center tracks remains uncertain.

There are no watches or warnings in effect yet, the Weather Channel noted.

Dorian formed Saturday afternoon about 725 miles east-southeast of Barbados, according to the National Hurricane Center.

Dorian was packing 40 mph sustained winds.

The Saint Lucia met Office in its 6.00 pm weather report Saturday urged residents in Saint Lucia and the lesser Antilles to closely monitor the progress of the system.

Saturday afternoon the storm was packing 40 mile-per-hour winds and was located about 725 miles east southeast of Barbados.

Forecasters at the National Hurricane Center have been quoted as saying that a turn toward the west-northwest is forecast Sunday.

The system is expected to be near the central Lesser Antilles islands by Tuesday, when it’s forecast to reach hurricane strength.


  1. With hurricanes Allen, Guy and Gale ravaging the country day in and day out, I hope St. Lucia is spared a natural disaster.

  2. All you fit is to talk bateese I hope when the s*** Hits the fan you’ll count your blessings and not for Gale and Guy.

  3. Its coming slow,that means to say its building up.Pay attention to the degrees Latitude North,if it gets close to 14,we will get hit.Start putting what most matters to you in plastic bags,mainly documents,forget about the old girl,you cant bag that,just tie some empty Coca Cola bottles round her waist,she will float

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