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Updated on June 2, 2020 2:26 pm
Updated on June 2, 2020 2:26 pm
Updated on June 2, 2020 2:26 pm

Tropical Storm Humberto Brings Strong Winds, Heavy Rain To Bahamas

Parts of the Bahamas already devastated recently by Hurricane Dorian were affected Saturday by strong winds and heavy rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Humberto.

Forecasters say Humberto is likely to become a hurricane by Sunday night.

The storm was packing winds of 50 miles per hour with higher gusts.

A tropical storm warning was in effect for the northwestern Bahamas, excluding Andros island.

The Associated Press reported that officials temporarily suspended aid efforts and closed airports in the Bahamas on Saturday as Tropical Storm Humberto threatened to lash the archipelago’s northwest region.

 The news agency said Humberto’s arrival coincides with a weekend visit to the Bahamas by U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

The visit is aimed at supporting humanitarian aid efforts in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

According to CNN, hundreds are still missing in the aftermath of the hurricane with the death toll at 50, but expected to rise.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was quoted as saying that the Bahamas is a nation in mourning.

“The grief is unbearable following the devastating impact of Hurricane Dorian, which has left behind death, destruction and despair on Grand Bahama and Abaco, our second and third most populous islands,” Minnis lamented.



  1. My Condolences goes to you all the families who’s mourning right now Concerning the great Tragedy of Dorian

  2. An Island already battered and destroyed by Dorian is now suffering another assault by nature. Where are the god lovers who always seem to suggest god knows best…how do you explain this assault on a people devoid and robbed of all possessions, family and assests? The entire idiocy of those god worshipers beings into sharp focus the fallacy of god’s mercy when one considers the suffering of the Bahamians from this great catastrophic event. Where is god now? where is his loving mercy? it seems only a minor few are entitled to this loving mercy…is god now with this latest phenomena pissing in people’s eyes and calling it rain? I trust the people of the Bahamas stay strong in the face of this adversity.

  3. Which G-d are you referring to. Is it the god of this world or the GOD of the universe. Think of it why does GOD allow suffering.

    • @ Mi Dan,

      Which god? Take your pick or add your own : bolom, voodoo dolls, Beelzebub, Jah, god almighty, lucifer, suecouyon, money, yacht, big house, makiboo, golem, jesus christ …ad infinitum. It really doesn’t matter. The point is some on the list exist and others are just the figment of men’s imagination…they just simply don’t or didn’t exist.

  4. C-Wiz, yes the God who is the Creator of the universe is there, He has a heart and He is merciful. But He has laws and commandements that He asks us to obey, but we mankind refuse to obey Him, refuse to seek Him, refuse to walk according to His Word, so therefore there are consequences for our actions. He is just, and you reap what you sow.
    Look how hard we are on our kids and others who hurt us. Do you think that God is different? We hurt Him by our lifestyle, our dirty and wicked hearts. Do you think that He will bless us if we continue to disobey Him? Think about it…..

    • Do you take away the roof from under your kid’s head? bring pestilence upon them, then drown them in a deluge when you are supposedly ‘hard’on them? Still, does the punishment fit the crime? So are you telling me every single person in the Bahamas deserve what happened? not one single soul pleased god? OK then, what about Saint Lucia being spared the wrath of Dorian, are u saying every single Saint Lucian pleased god so he spared Saint Lucia? That would be a first…the whole god story is absurd and spurious. It’s nothing but superstitions and mysticism, mixed up, rehashed, muddled up with all sorts of ancient stories and belief systems, brought down through time to our present generation…..Question…..if you were born in the Amazon jungle —I am sure u are aware the Amazon has people living there, some have never had contact with modern civilization—-if you were born in the Amazon, would u be following the god you follow now? what would have been your god if u were born there? And finally, is your god any better than the Amazon chief’s god?…I presume if you got the chance, you would want to convert the Amazon chief to follow your god because u think your god is better… but that sounds like some form of colonialism to you won’t it? Doesn’t this ring a bell? Think about that and thanks for the comment.

  5. This is where i have always been saying if Christ should ever walk to this world again people would not accusing him of all things. And they wouldn’t crucified him they would cremate him. This is not man-made disasters this is mother nature but if it is God’s work this shows that the world needs a washing . Noah said it once and it’s going to happen again. No amount of prayers would stop it. because people pray for their convenience and not to God we’re sorry for one another but this is the reality.we didn’t make the world we found it there and we going to leave it right there. So whatever is happening around the world it is there to be done. Its the same as when Christ Jesus was crucified it was there to be done… The universe rules…. not man or woman or people. Words of wisdom.

  6. C-wiz It is easy to get angry at God when things seems unfair or down right merciless but most people do not want to have anything to do with Him until things get messy or deadly. all of a sudden god is bad and god is wicked. Did you know that everyone in the Abaco islands was warned to leave? this option was made available to them along with transportation. people chose to ride out the storm. God does not need to defend himself. We don’t even need to defend Him. He is GOD. Apart from that He has rules and regulations He asks us to live by. We did not make ourselves. I actually think the rain that would have fallen today would give people a chance to collect fresh water and soak away some of the salt on the land. although this reply may enrage you further it is not my intention. I dare you to talk to Him and ask Him why. He will surely answer you

    • @Kay bou

      I wrote you a long wonderful reply one day ago, but for some reason it has not been posted. I trust you will read my other post on this current subject here and come to your own conclusions. The idea is to be honest with your trend of thought, be logical and at least try to see and understand, not necessarily accept other point of views. Thanks for your comment.

  7. To the commentor before my comment is on target …we people that causes those distructions .why did God created the flood is because of the attitude of the people of the world. Wicked, deceets, unsatisfied and want to rule the world. That’s why he asked Noah to build the ark so that those who was following him would be saved from the flood.. it was Noah,his three sons and their wives..the animals were not part of the distructions so they came to the ark by pairs .if people believe that they can do things and getaway with it . the lessons we must learn is what ever is happening in this world is from our own doing none others to be blamed for it but ourselves. Think about it. Atell U.

    • Excuse the length of this post.

      @ Mr Joe, think about it. You mean to tell me that this ENTIRE PLANET with its great size was flooded with water and only a bearded man and his family of 7 was saved in a massive boat they built? Ok here is some food for thought. If such thing happened what would have been the conditions on that boat.. presumably, the animals would need to eat and of course ‘SHIT’ – I am not being funny here. I presume that the only family of 8 on the entire planet was saved, but had to endure an ARK full of animals, which I presumed did their pissing and shitting in the very Ark where the sought shelter..How would you Mr Joe cope with such a scenario for 40 days and forty nights. Imagine the smell …lets presume they had windows in the Ark during the great deluge…would windows spare the family the messy scenes and horrible scent in side their life boat? Or did god miraculously washed the collection of shit and piss away when it became too much….NEXT….so the entire planetary life destroyed in the flood and only Noah and his family survived? …OK then… that means Noah and his family was left to repopulate the earth…logically when you think about it. so how do you account for the diversity we now have in humanity. If you Mr Joe put yourself in Noah’s shoes and you and your wife had the responsible to repopulate the earth after every living thing on planet was destroyed by the flood, would you have kids that look Chinese/Japanese/Filipino or Asian? kids with Red Indians features?, kids who look European? The most you would have is kids have is kids of African Heritage (I presume you are of African heritage of course, but the same stands if you were European or Red Indian)…why because kids take on their parents genetic information. So you can not prove to me that Noah and his family are responsible for all that diversity in humanity on the planet….think about that….NEXT..where were the DINOSAURS then? Did Noah have dinosaurs in his great big boat? Have you seen of the sizes of some of the fossils found and are still being found? So Presumably Noah saved T- Rexes, Brontosauruses, winged pterodactyls and the list goes on ….etc,…etc…my questions to you is this: Did the dinosaurs exist before the flood or after? I leave this to simmer a bit in your thoughts. You are intelligent. I am sure you will figure it out.

  8. The devil is surely smiling and saying “gotcha” another one to my flock of non believers. Don’t play into Satan hands if there is good there certainly evil. This is exactly what he want, a disciple to carry on his brain manipulation tactics.
    This to try to make persons stop and think and question the purpose of God to us and we to him. There is no God and the burden of right and wrong is lifted. You wouldn’t like a world without God trust me on that note.

    • @Jenns

      I take it you believe in fairies, mermaids and water nymphs too? Has anything I my argument suggest I am involved in some brain manipulation tactics. Don’t you have the power of reason to at least consider both sides of the argument and to be honest with yourself with the outcome of both sides of the argument. Strange it is that those who are of the god bandwagon always get defensive when challenged… be honest and ask yourself, have you every interrogated the belief system that you have been taught? And the fact that you even think others are involved in some brain manipulation tactic actually shows how tunnel visioned one can be…it shows that you may even be brain manipulated by your very own belief system by closing off your mental faculties to debate and not seeking open honest discourse…I can assure you that I am ready to debate my point of view with honest, logical and simple discourse as evidenced by my other post on this forum (see and judge for yourself.) I often find those on the god bandwagon often use trivial, non evidence based rhetoric for their stance of the existence of god…there is a saying…EXTRAORDINARY CLAIMS REQUIRE EXTRAORDINARY EVIDENCE….Science at least has made great strides in seeking out the wonders of the universe…and it will continue to do so far into the future…while religion and the god bandwagon is stuck in its ancient rites, inflexible and never changing.

  9. Am sure you say” thanks God” when something good happens!

    Is it because you can’t say that now you think the God who created the world has unleash the cyclones on beautiful Bahamas?

    There is a reason for everything that happens under the sun.

    Look closer and you will see. He created and recreate and take it away when we are not grateful for it.

    • @Believe

      Saying ‘thank god’ when something good happens is no different to saying ‘oh F**K’ when something bad happens….These statements are what one would call Cliches…so someone saying thank god or Oh F**K does not mean god exist anymore than ‘Oh F**K’ exist. These are just expressions that are overused for exclamatory purposes… And of course there is a reason for everything that happens under the sun but that reason has nothing to do with a god…..The issue here is people invoking god when tragedy or fortune strikes as if god is the answer or reason to the issue…if god is so powerful, then why did he not avert the storm. (I am referring here to previous posts on similar issues…I am highlighting the futility of such a position of the existence of god) . So Saint Lucia was spared the wrath of Dorian, was god the reason? Ok, where was god when Saint Lucia was devastated by hurricanes in the past?…And saying god creates and recreates and takes it away when we are not grateful is a poor attempt to explain so called acts of god…..there are strong scientific evidence how hurricanes are formed….there are strong scientific evidence to many phenomena in the universe and it has nothing to do with god.

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