Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Tropical wave 700 miles east of Windward islands moving west

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AccuWeather meteorologists will be turning their attention to areas of the Atlantic Ocean worth monitoring.

“Several tropical waves will be moving across the Atlantic and the Caribbean throughout the week that we are monitoring,” Douty said.

The first wave will traverse through the Caribbean early this week, but will have to contend with moderate wind shear, and even some dry air early on, both of which will limit tropical development.

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Even still, heavy, tropical downpours could impact the Leewards and Windwards early on, and then Central America later in the week.

Farther East, a wave that has just moved off the coast of Africa will pass the Cabo Verde Islands Monday and move into a favorable area for tropical development throughout the week.

Should this second wave be able to wrestle away from the dry, Saharan Dust of Africa, it may have a slightly better chance of developing this week.

According to the National Hurricane Center, shower and thunderstorm activity has increased in association with a fast-moving tropical wave located about 700 miles east of the Windward Islands.

This system is expected to move westward at about 20 mph during the next few days, and that fast speed is likely to limit significant development while the system approaches the Windward and southern Leeward Islands Monday, and moves across the eastern Caribbean Sea on Tuesday. After that time, the system is expected to move more slowly westward across the central and  western Caribbean Sea, and upper-level winds could be conducive for  development during the middle to latter part of this week.

  • Formation chance through 48 hours…low…20 percent.
  • Formation chance through 5 days…medium…40 percent.
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