Trouble In Store – One Man In Custody After Viral Scuffle With Cop In Castries

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Police have confirmed that one man was in custody after a scuffle in a Castries store involving him and another male identified as an off-duty officer.

 A vital video on social media captured some of the interaction between the two men.

An eyewitness told St Lucia Times that the incident occurred on Thursday in Raj Communications on William Peter Boulevard.

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The eyewitness said an argument erupted between an off-duty police officer and a man who had entered the store.

The eyewitness said the man was in the company of another male.

According to the eyewitness, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the police officer identified himself and asked the two men to leave the store because they were not wearing face masks.

“They agreed to leave, but I think just about the door, he said: ‘Officer in your mother ****. ‘ He cursed. The officer went to the guy, grabbed him, and brought him back into the store,” the eyewitness recalled.

He said another man intervened to calm the situation as the officer and the man grabbed at each other.

“Eventually, the officer called for backup, and other officers came and eventually arrested the guy,” the eyewitness told St Lucia Times.


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Editorial Staff
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  1. Lack of respect is an understatement. Persons who support this behavior needs someone cursing them daily….uncivilised if yiu ask me. Someone ask you to leave no mask, just leave….because hes a cop you leave but curse him….ridiculous…the persons standing by idley shouldnt be supporting that.yal just like row row. Reality is this only ends one way…..with the idiot being arrested. As long as you realise that then just be peaceful and have a good day. Suspect if was a civilian guard they would have beat him too. All the idiots running round in lucia shooting people…. yal should seriously consider a new line of work. It never ends well.

  2. Trying to discipline Lucians by putting them in the slammer and giving them licks? awa. The guy is grown already his mentality is set trust me he listened just let him go bout his business.
    If you want to change him you have to change the whole of society and who is willing to do that. The officer didn’t need to feel insulted and pull the guy cause of what he said cause he didn’t threaten him.
    Lets take for example what happened to the woman in Dennery with the police, wasn’t that neglect and rudeness? This also shows that licks from an officer wouldn’t change an individual.

  3. In any other 1st world country there is freedom of speech and that would also be grounds for a lawsuit. Those back in the stone age laws stlucia have alot of them beec to be altered to give citizens rights for their mouth. The government want to follow all trends they not following freedom of speech

    • but that doesnt mean you going about disrespecting people so…its only here citizens disrespecting police and getting away with it….no matter what happens in a hospital you would never tell a doctor in your mc….little do you know you might just be under that doctor’s table tomorrow….you wont tell that to your child’s teacher..although these days teachers are being treated like the police…its time people need to respect persons in authority who service this country…..for all those who says freedom of speech is granted elsewhere you may be right but that doesnt mean you cant face the same law in front of a judge…will you tell the judge in your mc??? we want relief in the country but still accept alot of bs…..I like the fact that they can go overs and respect the laws…its time they start respecting it down here…..make them an example…..we are all humans and we have a social aspect to us that needs to be taken care of…we cant look at the professional side alone….respect each other..

      • @stop this foolishness your response to Jeff is on point. I just cannot be as nice as you in responding to that idiot.
        Now idiots like Jeff always quick to tell us about first world countries. Well I can tell you a lot of things about first world countries that we would not want here. For sure if you approach a first world police officer in a threatening manner you would be dead on the stop. I guess the idiot will tell us that in a first world country, a group of thugs threatened the lives of law makers and that is freedom.

  4. Dumb ass country , dumb ass police , dumb ass people … go eat more green figs and teach your kids creole so they can grow to be the next dumb ass generation of dumb ass Lucian’s .😂

  5. Honestly, you all Lucians need to remain in St. Lucia where anything goes. Most of you with you the ignorant and uncivilized behavior will not survive 1/2 a day outside of St. Lucia in a civilized society which is governed by rules and regulations. No respect for authority or anyone else …the wild wild Helen of the West.

    • You have that wrong. You take those very same uncivilised people and put them overseas and they follow every rule and law to a tee. It is amazing really how they act overseas. As you rightly said it is the helen of the wild west and they can get away with it here. You never notice when police start issuing parking tickets, everyone start parking in the right place and stop parking in the restricted places? Same phenomenon. They can get away with it so they do it. Start holding people to account and the madness stops.

    • @Jay, Everyone has their right to their opinion but when you generalise an entire country because of the behavior of some misfits that makes you a jac**ss. Why would you want to look down at others or make such a comment without bearing?

      I’m very sure there are Saint Lucians far beyond the boarders of Saint Lucia and they do not get into any type of trouble.

  6. In st Lucia alone police arresting people when they talk with their mouth,the fella curse you and walk out ,let the fella do his business,go and look for the murderers,that out their killing people right left ad center, if you did not grab him he wouldn’t have call you dog ,go and do you’ll work go ad look for the killers that is distroying our country and putting mother’s in pain.

    • Exactly, the officer allowed his pride to get hurt when the guy said in your mc. You already ordered the guy outside which he did do, do not let words hurt you. The officer going to the door and grabbing the guy back inside stirring up things offcource the guy would tell you more bad words and get physical to smh.
      Some of your’ll talking about the guy need bullets just for his mouth but the officer not an idiot like your”ll, he knew he grabbed the guy first after he complied and went outside.

    • Certainly, you do not know anything about law and order in any civilized society. Who are you to tell the.police officers which part of their job they are suppose to do? This is the problem we have in this society. We allow some rules to be broken without any repercussions and then they manifest into bigger ones. Same thing we do in our homes with our children. We allow them to break rules,disrepect their elders and then we become overwhelmed when the problems became too great. Wonderful job officer. We need to respect the police. STOP CONDONING BAD BEHAVIOUR

  7. Police officers need to be traine in basic martial arts. If that officer knew certain techniques he could of get out of that situation, simply applying the pressure points on the individual.

  8. That man’s attitude was so disgusting. He forms part of the disrespectful bunch of undesirables in society. Imagine my shock seeing that all this time the officer was armed and never reached for his weapon.

  9. This behavior exemplifies the general lack of respect for law enforcement and or each other. They won’t survive for too long with this attitude in so called developed countries.

    • I keep seeing people saying disrespect for authority and people aligning it with foreign counties… there is no country other than st lucia that allows a police officer to arrest an individual for using swear words… stop talking nonsense on here.. the more developed countries have more developed laws and recognize the freedom to speech as long as it is not threatening.. tell me how did this guy threaten the Officer

      • Nah I’m in support of it, this coshonee of a man got what he deserved. It is Vieux negres like him who continuously encourages lawlessness because they have no respect for anyone.

  10. Interesting things happening in our sweet St. Lucia at present. Much of it is an illusion and the people suffer.
    With the declining of the effect of the Covid pandemic the world is opening up along with St. Lucia. As was expected the economy is beginning to get back to its pre pandemic levels.
    The ruling class (who care nothing about the state of affairs of the working class) therefore are happy but short sighted because they equate the expected increase in economic activity with PROGRESS. The same ruling class brown skinned members who have been so silent after their vicious attacks in support of the SLP.
    The reality is that in every area whether internal security or the economy the so called progress is an illusion. The economy is merely getting back to where it was pre covid for the ruling class but declining for the working class while internal security is worst that ever.

    Our people in the lower socio economic levels are declining into poverty. The Millionaires Cabinet are busy filling their pockets while the economic bosses are using every excuse to raise prices on all products at the retail level. Inflation is rampant and a real issue for our working class.
    Going forward the Millionaires Cabinet have no plans, strategy or tactical nous to deal with the decline of our country for our people.
    Communities are having to face gunshots going off at all times of the day and dead bodies being found here there and everywhere. What kind of children will we produce in the future with the country a war zone?
    We have serious problems and our leaders are sleeping on the job but basking in the prestige of political office!

  11. Oh well. The same ones crying out that there are too many homicides on island are the same ones supporting such behaviour. All the ones pulling out their guns and killing others did not just wake up and become criminals. It usually starts with “minor” offences like these. Some of the people in the background are chanting him on instead of asking him to calm down and walk away. People fail to realise that if these guys are so fearless of law enforcement personnel , then civilians are truly in serious jeopardy.

  12. I agree that he must not insult the officer but the officers must not insult civilians neither cause I heard many but not all officers use the mother and F word many times.

  13. In the original video, did you hear him say that it is his right to curse and insult the police and call him dog. Smh.
    This is the extent of the societal decay. We are on a course of no return.

  14. Too much anarchy in this country. Those thugs believe they are above the law. The temerity of those criminals leaves very little to be desired. I hope that he is held to account along with all others who flagrantly display such behavior.

  15. was he an off duty officer or was he a officer in plain clothes? cause if he was an off duty officer he should have no reason to arrest the man cause he off duty lol. you just tell the guy to leave because he had on no mask now you pulling him back inside the same store you told him to leave for not wearing a mask. lol all jokes aside its high time also people respect people cause as Kenny said “The customer is lucky he is alive today….in another part of the world..he would be dead” in Nigeria if you curse someone on their mother you would be dead people dont disrespect people mother so.

      • I do know that a police officer is never off duty apart for the officers from dennery when the lady was calling the station they never attended to her , so to them they off duty.

        i was just being sarcastic at the point reason being is even if the officer is on or off duty i dont understand why the news like to make that reference especially if the officer is off duty , you know what i mean? whats the point of saying if he is on or off duty? does it change anything when someone is arrested by an off duty officer?

    • So a teacher of duty is not a teacher. A parent not at home is not a parent. Let’s be real here. We need officers off duty and on duty to be vigilant and help maintain peace at all times.

      Usually, these behaviors escalate when their friends are there cheering them on. Take away the friend and he would have left ever since.

  16. If they asked you to leave the premises why not leave. Why did that customer feel he is entitled to be in the store when he broke company’s policy . You do not have a mask, they asked you to leave their store–you have a problem. It is like you have a right to do as you please and others do not. Glad they arrest him. They will learn to comply.

    • they did not arrest him for not wearing a mask they arrested him for cursing the officer cause the story said when they were approached they agreed to leave but when they were leaving one of them cursed the officer now if you curse an officer that is considered an assault also it against the law to be cursing in public especially in a place of business i know it sounds stupid cause its never upheld but it is there as a law.

      • Is that so. And he is saying he did nothing wrong. Cursing in front of the law is something wrong. He got what he deserved then.

  17. Any other Country He would be Given a Good Vip .Treatment .Any Report he Have to make is at the Police Station .No Respect for Law qnd Order in St.Lucia .He should be Sentence to prison for one year on each Charge.Resisting arrest.Assault Police Insulting Language .Obscene Language.Damage to property.

  18. They need to not just charge him send him to prison. In this time these fools need to respect the police. And where is the rest of the force, where is the backup to put hands on this fool. Acting like he above the law.


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