Truckers Cause Chaos In Ottawa After Second Day Of Protests

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BBC News:- Protesters against a vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the US-Canada border have brought Canada’s capital city to a standstill for a second day.

Thousands of demonstrators joined the so-called Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

Police have started investigations after several incidents, including the appearance of swastika flags and footage of a woman dancing on the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Defence Minister Anita Anand said the incidents were “beyond reprehensible”.

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Ottawa police said in a Twitter post that “several” investigations were now under way into the “desecration” of a number of monuments in the capital city, as well as “threatening/illegal/intimidating behaviour to police/city workers and other individuals and damage to a city vehicle”.

Elsewhere across the city, truckers blocked the streets around Canada’s parliament building and Ottawa’s Mayor Jim Watson said some protesters had harassed staff at a soup kitchen, demanding free meals after they were turned away by restaurants for their refusal to comply with indoor mask mandates.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his family also left their home in Ottawa over safety concerns on Saturday.

Around 90% of Canada’s 120,000 cross-border truckers are now vaccinated, in line with the country’s adult population.

The demonstration has grown beyond a call to end the cross-border mandate to a push to an end to all vaccine mandates nationwide, and some demonstrators have pledged to continue their protests until they are removed.

Mr Trudeau called the protesters “a small fringe minority” during a press conference earlier this week.

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole has met some of the protesters and has spoken in favour of the right to peaceful demonstration, but criticised “individuals desecrating” memorials in Ottawa.

Mr Trudeau’s Liberal government brought in the vaccine mandate on 15 January that would require unvaccinated Canadian truckers crossing the two nations’ border to quarantine once they return home.

The US has also recently said that foreign truck drivers must show proof of vaccination to enter the country.

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  1. @Angel Youtube is very provaccine so the information you got there you had to search it yourself and anything saying directly that the vaccines is bad they will take it down

  2. Pale face although I am not a fan of the protestors your comment is rather ignorant do you grow your own food don’t you know what the truckers do well that’s how most of the products you buy at the stores get here after they make the long journey from china and elsewhere it is trucked to us and elsewhere ok don’t you know every trade, job and profession is relavant think about it.

  3. Seen in comments:
    “The Canadian government supported violent protests and a coup in Ukraine [in 2014]. They called it ‘Freedom and Democracy’.

    They supported violent protests and a coup in Venezuela [random Guaido]. They called it ‘Freedom and Democracy’.

    They supported protests by farmers in India. They called it ‘Freedom and Democracy’.

    But now, when their own citizens are peacefully protesting for freedom and democracy, they call it terrorism.”

  4. @Angel: Your last post had me busting a gut, from laughing so hard!

    If you parse your own phrase. “every now and again” correctly (take as much time as your slow neurons can fire), it resolves to “every time, always”.

    You’ve just confirmed that all your sources of information (politicians, the establishment, mainstream media) are founts of deceit; always and ever!

  5. @ Nudge

    Oh and just because Youtubites nobodies says it, it’s true/it’s facts?? You are a complete joke comrade.

    Do news anchors/sites make mistakes every now and then, absolutely. No one is perfect. As long as the error is corrected and it does not happen on a regular basis, that’s fine.

    At the end of the day, I’d much rather rely on ethical, responsible sites/avenues as my news/information source, as oppose to the bat sh*t crazies conspiracy theorist rabbit hole dwelling nobodies on Youtube – thank you very much. Youtube is chock full of Roger Rabbits and Alice in Wonderland characters. A fools hub. You need to come home Alice, reality awaits.

  6. Really, Angel?

    CNN & MSN (Microsoft Network) as sources of truth for you? I immediately remembered this quote when viewing your posts: “It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”

    Here is a small sample regarding CNN:

    And, Microsoft pays Rachel Maddow $30million per year to lie you, while you spread her lies to St. Lucians for free:

    Those were just recently. A complete compendium of their lies over the years could fill a library, and would be disallowed in this forum.

  7. @ Nufge

    Dude, I dare you point out ” the logical fallacies of circular reasoning and anecdotal mis-representation, which they’ve allowed from Angel “, you talk about. Sure sounds like you’re speaking about yourself here. Unlike you comrade, my sources and references are based on factual news articles. I do not scout Youtube for junk videos posted by random Joe Bl*ws, who can post pretty much any nonsense lacking facts and void of responsibility, in order to suit a certain narrative, and consume it as news like you do. Anyone who wish to check the sources of in my last post, here are the links, it can be crossed referenced. I have no interest in making crap up.

  8. If I am allowed, by the censors at St. Lucia Times, to interrupt the logical fallacies of circular reasoning and anecdotal mis-representation, which they’ve allowed from Angel:

    Whenever did western governments, and their stenographers in the corporate media, not LIE about every issue important to the lives and livelihoods of 99% of the public?

  9. @ Undercover

    I am a believer of science and understand our bodies have it’s limitations. Sometimes we need the extra help in fighting diseases and staying healthy. Every country have pretty much have had to implement lock-downs when infection rates get too high, and infrastructure such as hospitals become overwhelmed. It’s the prudent thing to do in order to curb the spread of infection. My colleague’s wife who is a health care professional, has caught both Delta and Omicron while treating Covid-19 patients, ( despite her best effort to protect herself ).

    Don’t these truckers think for a second that most, if not all health care workers are exhausted and tired too? We all want freedom and our normal life back. The reality is, there’s no normal at the moment, we have to make-do in order to get through this. This so called Freedom Convoy is nothing but a façade for a bunch of selfish, mischievous and misled fringe group, might I add r*cist too. Here are a few of their colorful behavior being reported;

    – The organizers of Freedom Convoy 2022 had hoped that their movement would end with Governor General Mary Simon meeting them on Parliament Hill, dissolving the House of Commons and then declaring Canada a land everlastingly free of public health measures. Canadian federal politics don’t really work that way (particularly when most of the mandates are provincial jurisdiction).

    – Heavy machinery was blocking key intersections in the Ottawa downtown as of Monday, with many downtown businesses forced to remain closed for the third straight day.

    – Ottawa paramedics have officially requested police escorts after an ambulance was pelted with rocks by demonstrators.

    – Some protesters entered and demanded food, according to the shelter, some of them became quite aggressive and were arguing with our staff,” Shepherds of Good Hope spokesperson Caroline Cox told CNN.

    – Confederate flags, Nazi flags and swastika decals on pickup trucks, Trump 2024 placards, dancing and drinking at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

    In my opinion, this is not representation of freedom, but rather anarchist behavior.

  10. @Angel you sound pro vaccine which is ok with me but the lockdowns are what they are protesting about they want their freedom back but Trudeau won’t listen to them so now the truckers sending threats. Now despite the vaccine giving us some protection from COVID the idea of getting a bloodclot from it is scary and there are a number of deaths reported from it. I say you must understand your underlining conditions first and ask your doctor if you are ready for the vaccine

  11. Nudge, wth are you talking about buddy??
    First, Trudeau has made it clear he will not engage these anarchist due to threats they’ve made against him. Secondly, he and his two kids are currently in isolation with Covid-19. Nobody has been imprisoned for 2 years, stop telling lies. And wth are you talking about him delaying treatment!?? Vaccine roll out was slow, as Canada does not manufacture vaccines themselves, so like every other country that don’t, they were at the mercy of waiting for shipments. They even delayed second doses so as many of the population could access a fist dose as soon as possible, when the roll out started. After distributing more than 2.3 million AstraZeneca shots, only 28 blood clot cases was reported. Compare that to having a 200 times higher risk of getting blood clots from Covid-19 if infected.

    As for lock-downs;

    Source – Canada department Of Finance

    ” The Canada Worker Lockdown Benefit was introduced in October 2021 and became law on December 17, 2021. The proposed regulatory changes announced today would temporarily expand the definition of a public health lockdown order to also include provincial orders involving capacity restrictions of 50% or more. The benefit provides income support of $300 per week to workers whose employment is interrupted as a result of a specific government-imposed public health lockdown and who are unable to work due to such restrictions. The benefit is available from October 24, 2021, to May 7, 2022 ”

    You spew a whole lot of nonsense on her on the daily lacking any facts or common-sense. Gosh, take a break from absorbing all that right-wing media lies, misinformation and propaganda nonsense.

  12. @Angel: Don’t you think that by hiding out in a bunker, Trudeau is missing a great opportunity to tell the world of the truckers’ involvement in keeping their fellow citizens imprisoned in their own homes for 2 years; denying them early treatment for Covid-19; and forcing them to be injected with leaky vaccines; just so Big Pharma could make $billions in profit, every year for 20+ years?

  13. Hunter you think they didn’t know. If we try to frame this as the government doing what is best for health, their actions make no sense whatsoever. If we frame it for what it really is then you understand everything.

  14. SLT please change the chronological order of the comments. It makes no sense to scroll all the way down to read the comments in reverse. It’s really annoying – hate it!

  15. Mr. Trudeau is absolutely right to not meet with this fringe group. They are mostly an unruly and nasty bunch.They have displayed many despicable and disturbing behaviour since their little pathetic parade of ignorance and selfishness, including threatening him. Why should he meet with anarchist? .You want to be treated civilized, then act civilized – simple.

  16. This just proves the skill and mentality required to be a truck driver. It’s OK to be dumb & stupid. Truckers prove it. Stupid highschool dropouts doing meanial tasks trying to be important. get back in cab, drive home and wait til you are called to go fetch. Loser’s!

  17. All Governments are puppets to Big Pharma, Wall Street, Bank of Canada, Bank of England etc etc. you keep voting for suckers, then you complain once don,t get what you expected.
    What is happening in Ottawa is only the tip of the Iceberg to come. Trump and his mix group of Fascists, Nazi, kkk etc are not satisfied with staying quiet in good old USA, Canada is an easy target, to ramp up membership, finance and aposible international grab for power. It once happened in Europe, with much Blood shed, though wounded but not dead;
    Fascism is not only anti Jews, its anti everyone who is not part of the Clan, i.e Arabs, Indians, Orientals, Blacks, Gays, Lesbians, the Cripple, Mentally unstable etc. The dream world of tomorrow will be a nightmare more or less.(but be courageous, we have a Savior, He promised that He will come again, at the right moment, suddenly, a thunderous blast from the Sky, at the twinkling of the eye, we shall be changed and be gone, in a better place prepared for those who know Him now) your hope here is to obey rules and regulations, not rioters and organized chaos and leaders like Trump.

  18. Ahh. Blackface True Doh! Running scared at peaceful truckers. Man up you sissy. Now that this BS narrative is crumbling the rats are either jumping off the sinking ship or running into hiding. I pray to god all of them are held to account. From the politicians to the media to the medical/science personnel. If they aren’t held to account they will try something far worse in the future.

  19. In the face of the “TRuck Fudeau” movement in Canada, Trudeau decided to hide out in a bunker?

    The reason he is scared is that he just a puppet of the Big Pharma/MIC/Bankster cartels, with no leadership skills whatsoever; his “democratic credibility” laid bare as merely a PR stunt invented by his handlers. Same thing applies to Biden; same thing applies to any western leader (I’m pointing to ‘ti Chas & Pip, in particular), without exception!

  20. It will be over in a couple more years. Thea government must come to a realization that they were wrong about covid and the vaccine .

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