Trump Demands Immediate Impeachment Trial

BBC:- US President Donald Trump has demanded an immediate impeachment trial in the Senate, amid an impasse among Democrats and Republicans over when it may start.

On Wednesday, the House impeached Mr Trump on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

But Democrats have yet to embark on the next stage, arguing the Republican-controlled Senate is refusing witnesses and will not hold a fair trial.

The Senate’s numbers mean Mr Trump is almost certain to be acquitted.

The impeachment process – only the fourth time it has happened in US history – has been a bitter partisan fight dividing Washington. The House impeachment vote earlier this week split almost totally along party lines.

The two charges passed on Wednesday follow accusations that Mr Trump pressured Ukraine to dig up damaging information on Democratic rival Joe Biden and his son Hunter, and then refused to co-operate with a congressional inquiry into the matter.

In a series of tweets, the president accused the Democrats of not wanting to go to trial because their “case is so bad”.

He tweeted: “So after the Democrats gave me no Due Process in the House, no lawyers, no witnesses, no nothing, they now want to tell the Senate how to run their trial. Actually, they have zero proof of anything, they will never even show up. They want out. I want an immediate trial!”

The president said the Democrats did not want Congressman Adam Schiff, who led the impeachment process, the Bidens and a CIA whistleblower who sparked the inquiry to testify.

The Democrats have argued that it is Mr Trump’s Republicans who are balking at the appearance of witnesses. The House did also invite the president to testify before its investigators but he declined to do so.

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  1. If Trump allowed Bolton,Mulvany,plus one or two more to testify in court.That would be the end of his presidency.The bad thing of all this is that the Republican party are all breaking the law and covering all Trumps wrong doings.Nobody has balls to let Trump know all the wrong things hes done.They cant defend a case in court,so they have to atack the sistem to stall and win time,they are hoping that they will still have the votes to win in the next 9 months.Now we all see that politics have changed,its all about money and power and to hell with ,morals and decency.But at the end of the road there is a orange suit waiting for Donald Trump,that will be the end of his ego his ambition and his empire.Now the Christians are against him,Just look at all his friends in jail,the list never ends,who needs more proof of all his mafia life.

  2. You are right Zabo,But there is another story with Donald Trump,that starts from that famous Miss universe contest that he organized in Russia,Then there was a development proyect a Trump Tower to be built in Moscow,were Putin was involved with all his close friends as investors.Then Trumps first wife came from a Russian family and a big one and Ivanka is allso a Russian lady,so he likes Russian ladies,wonder why,Guess one day we will know all the unanswered questions,Trump has allways had all these funny characters around him,and somebody has something big that they are hiding,a video ,a recording.

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