‘Trump Freedom Fighters’ Invade NEMAC Zoom Meeting

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Intruders calling themselves ‘Trump Freedom Fighters’ invaded a NEMAC Zoom meeting Tuesday.

The apparent leader of the group declared that they had ‘sieged’ the online gathering.

“This meeting has been sieged, this is Anonymous,” the intruder announced.

Officials told St Lucia Times that Prime Minister Allen Chastanet was among those in the virtual gathering at the time.

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In addition, Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee and Deputy Police Commissioner Milton Desir were also there, along with representatives of NEMO and the CMO, they said.

One official said the intruders appeared in the NEMAC Zoom meeting shortly after it began about 4.30 pm.

A video obtained by St Lucia Times displays the name ‘Rony’ as the spokesman’s Zoom ID.

“There’s somebody called Rony in the meeting who needs to be removed,” a femaleĀ  local official is heard to say.

And she asks whether the administrator can remove him.

But “I am the administrator,” ‘Rony’ declares.

“My name is Rony. I work for Anonymous and we stand against COVID-19,” the voice states.

‘Rony’ also used expletives and racial slurs.

However, when it became clear that the officials could not remove the intruders, technicians shut down the meeting.

As a result, they distributed a new meeting link and continued with their discussion after a delay of about 15 minutes.

The NEMAC meeting discussed new measures to beef up Saint Lucia’s existing COVID-19 protocols.

Headline photo caption: Screen grab from video


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