Trump Names Jamaica Among Major Drug Transit Or Producing Countries

Jamaica Gleaner:- Jamaica has been named by United States President Donald Trump among major drug-transit or illicit drug-producing countries.

The designation was made in Trump’s Presidential Determination on Major Drug Transit or Major Illicit Drug Producing Countries for Fiscal Year 2020 report.

The document, dated August 8, was submitted as a memorandum to the Secretary of State.

America’s Foreign Relations Authorization Act defines a major illicit drug-producing country as one in which:

(A) one thousand hectares or more of illicit opium poppy is cultivated or harvested during a year.

(B) one thousand hectares or more of illicit coca is cultivated or harvested during a year.

(C) five thousand hectares or more of illicit cannabis is cultivated or harvested during a year, unless the president determines that such illicit cannabis production does not significantly affect the United States.



  1. Trump hold your a** and leave the people them alone. No country grows poppy in the Caribbean none OK. It’s based on supply and demand and American junkies are demanding it. As for St Lucia let’s not kid ourselves we. have our own problems and mules and their love affair with that Heathrow Gatwick run. Big up you self Jamaica September you done with I M F..

  2. Tramp is an AH …..for one jamaica doesn’t produce cocaine and two jamaica grows alot of hard weed where as in many places in the united states it’s legal to produce…what is his point of trying to diminish the progress of a smaller nation.

  3. There is weed in Jamaica nothing else,its not the right place for popies,you need high mountain climate,it has to be fresh.And cocaine we all know except Trump were it comes from,what a sorrofull mother clunt

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