Trump To Announce Visa Restrictions

President Donald Trump  said Sunday that he will announce new restrictions on visas.

According to US news reports, Trump said the announcement will come in a couple of days.

The move is intended to block the entry of certain foreign workers and protect Americans struggling with a job market devastated by the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re going to be announcing something tomorrow or the next day on the visas,” he was quoted by Reuters as telling Fox News Channel.

Asked if there would be exclusions from the new restrictions, Trump said very few.

“You need them for big businesses where they have certain people that have been coming in for a long time, but very little exclusion and they’re pretty tight,” he said. “And we may even go very tight for a period of time.”

The US President did not provide additional details, Reuters said.

The news agency reported that  major American companies, particularly in the tech sector, have urged Trump to refrain from blocking the flow of foreign workers into the United States, saying it would hurt the economy.

The new action would be Trump’s latest step to restrict immigration in response to the pandemic and economic fallout.

In April, he ordered a temporary block on some foreigners from permanent residence in the United States.

He also announced new health-focused rules in March that allow for the rapid deportation of immigrants caught at the border and virtually cut off access to the U.S. asylum system.


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