T&T: A flood of caring: Citizens rally to help victims

Trinidad Express:-  The very best of the people of Trinidad has emerged this weekend.

The flood that caused misery for thousands is being replaced by a flood of caring people who are rallying to provide for those hardest hit.

Citizens are opening their doors to the homeless, providing hot meals, donating food, beds, clothes, and coming into the flood-stricken areas in east, north and central Trinidad in trucks and boats to rescue trapped people.

Navin Kalpoo of Kalpoo Tours is using his powered-engine boat to get to stranded families today.

Kalpoo said: “I was brought up in a culture and atmosphere to help others when they are in need. Seeing the devastation this flood caused and how many people affected, we could not simply sit back and look on, we had to act.

We used boats yesterday (Saturday) and today we will deliver donate items especially to those people in rural communities who couldn’t really get assistance before because of the high flood waters.

I think what other people are doing now and that seeing how many are offering to help, it’s like a ripple effect to kindness. No one asked for this disaster but it happened and we have to help and this is what is means to share that Trini spirit,” said Kalpoo.

He said people willing to help should not wait for an invitation to do so, nor should they wait to act after observing what the Government is doing.

He said the distribution of items will take place around the Kelly Village area, in particular those ‘hard to reach’ places.

In south Trinidad, which was spared the worst of the bad weather and floods, organisations and groups are gathering items for donation.

Presentation College in San Fernando is urging the public to donate items at the school.

According to teacher Andrew Benjamin, since Tropical Storm Bret, a Flood Relief Drive was established by pupils, staff and former pupils to provide items to those flood stricken victims.

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