T&T Carjackers Shot By Cop

Trinidad Express:-  An off duty police officer shot two men who attempted to rob him of his vehicle on Friday night.

The senior officer, who is attached to the San Fernando CID, was visiting relatives at New Haven Street, Marabella, when he was ambushed at around 7.15pm.

Police said the suspects walked up to the officer’s Nissan AD wagon as he parked on the roadway.

One pointed a firearm at him while the other attempted to open the front passenger door.

The officer, who was in possession of a licenced firearm, fired several shots at the men.

One of the men collapsed and died at the scene.

The second man ran away.

Police said he was shot twice in the chest.

Investigators were later informed that the man ran into a house at Centenery Street.

He was found unresponsive.

Police were unable to confirm whether he had survived the shooting last night.

Officers from the San Fernando CID, Marabella Police Station and Emergency Response Unit visited the scene.


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