T&T: Criminals will know the “fear of Gary”

Trinidad Newsday:–  COMMISSIONER of Police (CoP) designate Gary Griffith today vowed to do what he can within the law to deal with “low life elements” who are committing heinous crimes against law abiding citizens.

In a television interview, the former national security minister said some of these people may not fear God. He vowed they will soon know the “fear of Gary.”

Griffith said he has a 78 policy plan which he thinks will help the Police Service to bring crime under control in TT. He declined to give details of this plan, noting that Acting CoP Stephen Williams is sill in office at this time. Griffith said he is not getting involved in the politics of how the House of Representatives approved his nomination as CoP.

“I am not going to be made a political football or tool. There is not going to be a Gary Griffith sandwich in this at all.” Griffith said he will not be vindictive towards anyone. “Let my background speak for itself.” Political scientist Dr Winford James said Griffith will face the perception of political influence. James said this does not mean that Griffith will not be swayed by politicians on either side of the fence as he does his job as CoP.