T&T: Gay rights activist says same sex court ruling was ‘God’s plan’

Gay rights activist Rudy Hanamji says contrary to what religious leaders believe, Thursday’s buggery law ruling by High Court Judge Devindra Rampersad was God’s plan, the Trinidad Express newspaper has reported.

“I truly believe that humans are not in control and there are greater powers that manage our destiny, Hanamji was quoted as saying.

Anal intercourse between two consenting adults is no longer a criminal offence and those who wish to also engage in acts of serious indecency in private are free to do so without any legal consequences.

As reported by the Express, the High Court in Port of Spain this week modified sections 13 and 16 of the Sexual Offences Act, making it legal for consenting adults to engage in such activities.

The ruling of Justice Davindra Rampersad was the culmination of months of intense legal debate between attorneys for the State and Trinidad-born gay rights activist Jason Jones over the acts being punishable by imprisonment, the publication stated.

Justice Rampersad delivered the ruling at the Hall of Justice, six months after he found in April of this year, that the Constitutional rights of those who wished to engage in anal sex and serious indecency in private were being infringed.


  1. Am to say that Mr Jones you are very wrong in your saying about God’s plan ,, you don’t know what you ask for and one day, you and the judge will see the consequences,,, the same God you said that His plans are for men to have sex with men will turned the fire upon your head..

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