T&T Minister Says No Need For Panic Amidst Violent Protests

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Trinidad and Tobago’s National Security Minister Staurt Young has told citizens that there is ‘absolutely no need to panic’ after violent protests Tuesday around the capital, Port of Spain.

Local reports said the protest was over police brutality related to an incident on Saturday in Morvant in which Joel Jacob, Noel Diamond, and Israel Clinton were killed.

According to Trinidad Express, a pregnant woman who left her home to record the protest was shot and killed.

As reported by CNC3, theĀ  Trinidad and Tobago National Security Minister told a news conference that he understands peaceful protest and people being emotionally upset about Saturday’s incident.

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But Young asserted that it had become very obvious, very quickly, that many of the incidents that are not peaceful are being stirred by the criminal elements in the society.

The Minister did not go into detail.

There were reports that police officers were fired on while responding to incident in East Port of Spain.

Young said he was concerned about those reports.

But he revealed that no officers were seriously injured.

Protesters confronted the police, burned rubbish on the road and blocked routes as part of their show of anger over the actions of the police.

Videos of the protests were posted on social media.



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