Saturday, February 23, 2019
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T&T: Murder suspects held during ‘Operation Strike Back’

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Trinidad Newsday:-  Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith declared war on criminals as he and 85 officers of the Northern Division carried out a series of exercises between 10 pm yesterday and 10 am this morning, ending in Bon Air Gardens.

Speaking with media at the conclusion of what he called “Operation Strike Back,” Griffith pledged his commitment to the fight against crime after 24 people were arrested during the operation.

Among those arrested were three suspects held in connection with last week’s triple murder in Bon Air Gardens. Others were held for different offences including outstanding warrants, possession of marijuana and possession of arms and ammunition.

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  1. These names that the police give to their operations, they have to be careful. Operation: STRIKEBACK sounds like they are going to war. If I was a criminal that would be a rallying call to get the battle lines drawn.

    Operation: Restore Confidence sounds less militarized and more civilian-based and helps get people rallying behind the police.