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T&T PM Downplays Trump Meeting With Selected Caribbean Leaders

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC ) — Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley today brushed aside suggestions that Port of Spain had been snubbed by United States President Donald Trump who is expected to meet with selected Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders on the Venezuela issue in Miami tomorrow.

“That there are people in Trinidad and Tobago who believe that because Trinidad and Tobago was not invited to the private residence of an American president we are somehow diminished,” Rowley said at a news conference following the weekly Cabinet meeting here.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have never stood taller, we have never stood prouder and as I speak to you now CARICOM’s position as reaffirmed in the last meeting of heads in St Kitts-Nevis is that there are three people representing and authorised to represent CARICOM outside of its heads and caucus and that’s the Chairman of CARICOM, who is the Prime Minister of St Kitts-Nevis (Dr Timothy Harris) Trinidad and Tobago its prime minister or designate and Barbados through its prime minister or designate.”

He told reporters that there were 15 CARICOM countries “yet the conversation is about four” a reference to St Lucia, The Bahamas, Jamaica and Haiti, whose leaders will meet with Trump on Friday at his private residence in Miami.

The Caribbean leaders invited had in January supported a resolution at the Organisation of American States (OAS) in not recognising President Nicolas Maduro’s second five-year term.

But CARICOM leaders at their inter-sessional summit in St Kitts-Nevis last month reiterated their position of non-interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela and said they were prepared to mediate in the process to bring about a peaceful resolution to the crisis where Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó with the support of Washington and its allies, is seeking to replace Maduro, who was sworn into office for a second consecutive term in January.

In late January, regional leaders, led by Harris and including Mottley and Rowley met with the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres, expressing optimism that the UN will assist in establishing the road map towards peace and security for Venezuela.

The delegation also participated in a meeting in an international meeting in Uruguay where the Montevideo Mechanism was adopted saying it presents “the only objective mechanism” to address the complex political situation in Venezuela”.

Rowley reiterated the CARICOM position on wanting a peaceful solution in Venezuela, and described the meeting taking place with Trump on Friday as a “meeting of the Lima Group” to which the Caribbean islands invited are members.

“We from early, St Kitts-Nevis, Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, St Vincent and the Grenadines, we did not sign on to the Lima Group. So we are not reacting to an invitation to a man’s house.

“Our foreign policy has always given us an insight of the road ahead. So what you seeing there is a meeting of the Lima Group people at the private residence of the president and it remains a position that we support, a man’s home is his castle, you are free to invite who you want to invite to your house.


  1. Trump is going to put first the intrests of the USA,this is money first,then politics,we really dont count for anything,besides we are like insignificant.We cant even open our mouths to make noise,and even if we do,we cant hurt the USA,we only hurt ourselves.This world is screwed up,the big dogs are fighting for the prey,and we are like small Chihuahuas,just whatching the events all around us.You think they care how we think? We will never be free,not even to buy our own food.

  2. Excellent response PM Dr. Keith Rowley. A person does not have to wait to be invited to anyone’s house to feel important. No one should ever base their self-esteem or self worth on the invitation of another person, no matter what that person’s station may be in life.

    • those invited to trumps house are just sell outs. so the PM can indeed rest assured that T & T has never stood taller

  3. All Caribbean countries are sell out. Either their economic interest lies with USA or Venezuela and it’s all China!

  4. The way he has dealt with this whole situation as actually helped his ratings here in T&T.

  5. Lets be honest he was upset because he would have loved to spend time with crazy Donald,do a couple of holes around the link,and sit at the same table with Donald and enjoy the dinner,washed down with fancy wine.Comon what human dosent like a bit of pampering by the most powerfull man on this world,besides the photos and videos This was a pay back for the voting,as a St Lucian I personally hate Donald for all the bad things he represents.But if we fall on the other side,all our moral beliefs and chest banging aint going to help us.We dont have oil,we live on a volcanic rock in the middle of the ocean,and have beautifull beaches and lovely ladies,we dont have a religious problem or ISIS fanatics.And the tourism industry keeps many of us alive.So you allready see how diffrent we are ? you are not like us you are way screwed up,with your problems.But you have oil,if you know what that means? Lets see what Chas brings back.

  6. The prime minister of TT should be looking to see how he is going to bring back all those bodies of his ISIS fighters killed in Syria to their crying momies in TT,try to fix your shite in your back yard,before we come and bust your derrier..

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