T&T Police Probe ‘Black Magic’ Scam

THE art of practising black magic in TT has become the subject of a police and immigration investigation, the suspects being nationals from India, according to a local news report.

Newsday reports that scores of people had complained to the newspaper about being fleeced and, in some cases, sexually harassed by charlatans from India who had set up shops on High Street, San Fernando and along the Southern Main Road, Chaguanas.

Schoolchildren and elderly women are their primary targets, and on Friday and Saturday last week police picked up six men and one woman on High Street in connection with the criminal activity, it was reported.

According to Newsday, they were handing out leaflets advertising palm reading, protection from black magic, witchcraft, voodoo, evil spirits, obeah and negative energy.

The suspects held are from south India and, according to a police report, they told police that they are spiritualists, Newsday said.

On Monday, they were taken to the Immigration office, San Fernando, where officers discovered that they had been staying in TT illegally, according to the publication.

Immigration officials confirmed to Newsday that based on the interviews, there were approximately 45 non-nationals in TT who were operating “spiritual parlours” in San Fernando, Princes Town and Chaguanas.

Stemming from that, a quasi tribunal is to be set up in the next two weeks comprising police, attorneys and immigration, to enquire whether there is any fraud in the alleged practice of black magic, palm reading and fortune telling.


  1. They are in every newspapper in St Lucia,but nobody cares because nobody denounces them to the police,so our police dont act,because for them scaming and commiting fraud is OK.We are so blind in this country.

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