T&T: ‘Pupil knocked unconscious had weapon’

Trinidad and Tobago’s Education Minister, Anthony Garcia,  has been defending a decision to suspend a pupil who was  knocked unconscious in a fight.
Garcia, who was criticised over the decision, told reporters on Tuesday that the pupil had come to school armed with a weapon.
Trinidad Express reported that the girl was seen being viciously beaten and dragged unconscious from a drain.
The teenager and three other girls were suspended over the fight, which was recorded and uploaded to social media.
Following an hour-long meeting at the school last week Monday, Garcia announced the decision to suspend all those involved, including the victim.
He said then she was “equally to blame”.

Garcia did not say what weapon the girl had been armed with. However, she was seen in the video holding a pair of scissors.

Asked whether consideration was given to the possibility that the girl had a weapon in her possession because of a fear of other pupils, Garcia said whatever the reason, bringing a weapon to school warranted immediate suspension.

The minister disclosed that the decision to suspend was taken after discussion with the police and school officials.
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