T&T: Six Kidnapped By Venezuelan Pirates

Newsday:-  Venezuelan pirates reportedly kidnapped five Trinidadian fishermen and a 17-year-old boy yesterday afternoon and demanded a ransom of US $200,000 for their safe return.

Senior officers in the Southwestern division this afternoon confirmed the kidnapping, and said the message was sent to the victims’ families through another fisherman.

The kidnapped men are Ricky Rhambarose, 35, Jerry O’Brian, 36, Jason O’Brian, 38, Brandon Arjoon, 38, and Linton Manohar, 35.

Police said they left Morne Diablo sometime yesterday afternoon and were not sure where exactly they encountered the pirates.

They were told the pirates threatened to cut off one of the men’s arm if it was not paid.

Newsday understands officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit and the Southwestern Division are assisting in inquiries.

More as this becomes available.


  1. With fishermen all is fishy,but how many St Lucians got lost in those journeys ?nobody asks or cares,shame

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