T&T Woman Confesses To Fake Rape Claim

A Trinidad and Tobago woman was charged with wasteful employment of the police after making a fake rape claim, local reports say.

The Daily Express identified the woman as 24-year old Leah Phillip.

The newspaper said she was sentenced by a court in the twin Island republic to perform 80 hours of community service by January 30, failing which she will be sentenced for the offence.

The Daily Express reported that Phillip was out celebrating her birthday with a female friend when she claimed she was raped by a man in the washroom of a casino.

The friend is said to have stopped a police patrol in San Fernando, which searched for the suspect and took the alleged victim to the San Fernando General Hospital for an examination.

However, the police found inconsistencies in Phillip’s story and she later confessed that she had made a fake rape claim.

Her defence attorney reportedly told the court that Phillip was under the influence of alcohol at the time and did not appreciate the seriousness of the offence.




  1. Lock her up. This is a fine example of how the court is biased in sentencing. A mans word is worth nothing, women are portrayed at helpless victims. I hope this hoe gets what she deserves.

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